Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Strip or Not to Strip

Remember when I talked last week about getting my membranes stripped...and everyone has like, "Yep it hurts like a no one's business but you'll totally have your baby over the weekend!"??  Well I have been on a total roller coaster ever since. 

I ended up deciding against doing it last Friday.  I honestly felt a little rushed seeing as we had plans that weekend to go to Babies R Us for things we still needed before the baby was born.  And I selfishly wanted just one more weekend home just the hubs and me.  Plus, putting off the inevitable pain seemed like a good idea.  So I told my doc and we were all prepared to do it yesterday.

Until I got there and she wasn't in the office.


I had psyched myself up the entire car ride there.  I still wasn't looking forward to it, per say, but I was ready.  Well, as ready as I was going to be.  And now what was a girl to do?

I'm sure I could've had the procedure done by another doctor if I really wanted to.  But I didn't even bring it up.  I would rather have my own doctor do it, and if I went into labor very doc clearly was no where in site to deliver my baby...which I also was not crazy about.

So looks like it's Friday!  I'll be 39 weeks.  I'm in no rush to have our little girl so I'm not super bummed about not having the procedure done yet...I just feel like it's been hanging over my head.  It'll be nice to get it out of the way and hopefully get this show on the road!


Joanna said...

Your sweet baby girl will come on her own time :) I know you're excited to meet her!

Jackie said...

i can't believe your baby will be here so soon! i'm so excited for you!

cp3 said...

OMG...You're 39 weeks pregnant?? Remember me - Cristina from Another Day in Paradise? I went MIA for a while myself, but I am back in blog land. Congratulations sweetie, you look amazing :)I have a baby, well 10 1/2 months old now, Emma! Cant wait to catch up

Lucy Marie said...

Dude ... I read the title of this post and I thought it was going to be about going to the dr and not knowing you should take your clothes off or not! HA.

Don't worry about getting stripped or not stripped -baby will come when she's ready! :) And there's nothing wrong with letting her bake as long as she needs to bake.

Shaina said...

Don't worry about getting stripped - Baby Girl is going to come no matter what! And I, for one, cannot wait to see her beautiful little face. Love you!

Tatiana said...

What ever you decide to do, you're still SO close to meeting your little girl! But honestly, I was expecting the stripping to hurt a whole lot more, and it wasn't that bad. But everyone is different. Good luck girl!

Llama said...

It's almost here! I know you'll make the best decision for you and the baby! So exciting! Thinking of you and hope your well!:)

Kristen said...

I was starting to wonder how on earth you hadn't already had this baby! Now it all make sense! Good luck tomorrow, it's okay if you don't do it, she'll come on her own time! Good luck tomorrow if you do it!