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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poinsettia Say What?

Y'all.  Last week was the craziest, busiest week ever.  Do I say that all the time?  No?  Okay good.  Because it really was.

After I made the 100th anniversary cake for our Junior League, they asked me to make cookies for our annual fundraiser, Poinsettia Place.  Because I'm all awesome and stuff.  So of course I said yes.

And every week the number of cookies they needed kept growing and growing.  

First, 200-225.  Then 250.  Then all of a sudden it was upwards of 300.  Whoa people.  The most cookies I have ever made in my life was maybe 40.  But I was up for the challenge.  I mean, how hard can it really be to bake and decorate 300 cookies?

Well, let me tell you.


Obviously, I had the added bonus of taking care of a 10 month old at the same time.  Talk about a juggling act.  Okay.  Let's get serious.  She was neglected.  Not like leave your child on the changing table neglected.  More like let her play with the CDs and bang them on the TV neglected.  It's amazing how much you can miss a child who is right there with you all day when you have no time to play with her.  This is a huge reason I could not do this full time.  My eyes have been opened.

Needless to say, it was a lot more work than I realized.  I spent one entire day baking.

 No YOU baked 300+ cookies yesterday. on Twitpic

The next day was spent outlining the cookies.

. These cookies will surely be the death of me...  on Twitpic

Next up, flooding and decorating.  Upon doing this, I quickly realized that I should've split this up into two days.  Decorating cookies with three different colors means that you have to do something to 300 cookies 3 times.  So you know what I did?  Put my husband to work!  Those green leaves and yellow centers, all him. 

Until 11 p.m. when the loser decided to go to bed, leaving me to fend for myself.  

The last day I spent individually packaging each one and tying them with ribbon.  Let's just say it will be quite a while before I take on a task such as this again.  I'm looking forward to a few day of soaking in my child and sitting on my butt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JLC 100th Year Cake

This year marks 100 years since the Junior League of Cleveland was established.  We're having a year long celebration which kicked off Monday evening at our general membership meeting.  I was asked to make a cake to celebrate this momentous occasion and this is what I came up with!

It was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  Just as a warning, cream cheese icing will melt when left out of the fridge for an extended period of time.  And even though it says it is crusting icing, that is a bold faced lie.  Your decorations will slide right off the cake and you will have to send your husband to Costco for more powdered sugar that evening in order to make regular buttercream icing.  Which is not stressful at all.  At all.

There were a lot of things I would've done differently with this cake, but it was such a great learning experience for me.  One thing's for sure, nothing goes quite as planned when the icing hits the cake.

But even after all of the headaches, I am pleased with the final presentation.  I received so many sweet comments from members not only about the look but the taste....which is important to me.  I tried a new recipe and the cake scraps were oh so yummy!

We had a ton leftover (isn't that always the case) but it was a lovely evening and I was so honored to be asked to make a cake for such an important group of women.  And hey, perhaps I'll get some business from it?!?  Yippee!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Chanel Experience

Last week I had a Junior League event on the east side of the city.  I will not complain to you that it took me over 2 hours to get there because of a massive snow storm.  Nope.  I'll just skip right over that part.

Anyway, it was a Chanel event I was co-chairing so I had to go.  I'm not much of a fancy makeup kind of girl.  I don't even know what half those products are or what they do.  Maybe someday I'll find out.  When I'm old and rich and able to shop for my makeup at Saks instead of Walmart.

So the ladies are all up in my face asking me about my routine and if I have any questions.  I actually do have trouble matching the particular powder I use to my skin tone as I always seem to get these lines around my chin that do not blend in.  So our conversation proceeds as follows:

Saleswoman:  "Do you have any questions?"

Me:  "Well, I use a powder as my base and I am having a hard time finding a color that really matches my skin tone."

Saleswoman:  "When you say you use powder, do you use Bare Minerals?"

Me:   "Um, no.  I use Cover Girl."


She should've known right then and there I was not going to buy anything.  I mean, the lowest priced lotion they carried was $75.  Clearly I was out of my league.  I get pissed because my powder is $7.  But honestly, she was super sweet and found me a beautiful color that matched really well.

I didn't buy it.  But I looked good leaving the store!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I feel like my blog is ultra boring these days.

The only material I can come up with is my weekly baby updates...and I didn't really invent clearly I've got nothing.

How can a girl who is building a house and having a baby all at the same time have nothing to blog about?

Who knows.  But it's the truth.

So perhaps you would like to hear about my weekend? 

We spent Friday night out with dear friends and their 16 month old little boy.  He is so cute, he makes the thought of having a boy seem okay to me.  Even though my body aches for a girl.  This just shows how precious he truly is.  We were sitting on the floor together and he picked up a book, handed it to me, and then proceeded to plop himself down right on my lap.  I felt my heart melt and I almost started crying it was so cute.  

FYI:  I'm going to have one of those!!

And to my surprise, Matt actually PICKED HIM UP!  I have never in my life seen Matt touch a child.  He's just that guy.  He has no interest in babies or other people's kids.  It was so sweet to see him play with their little one, read to him, and let him sit on his lap.  Oh I just cannot wait until we get to hold our little baby in our arms!!

Anywho....Saturday I spent 9 hours at a Junior League meeting, earning one measly training credit, but had a fairly pleasant day with two of my friends.  Too bad it was whilst listening to a lecture.  Oh well.  Free food.

Sunday I spent some time packing up the house.  I have over 30 boxes packed so far...but I feel like there is no end in site.  Thank goodness I started early.  We also made a delicious toffee cheesecake!  You know what I hate about cheesecake?  You have to let it refrigerate overnight.  Who thought of that rule?  Someone I hate.  That's who.  Don't worry.  I made up for it yesterday by eating about a 1/4.of it when I got home from work. 

And then went to my first prenatal yoga class.

Not the smartest idea I've ever had. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Casino Royale

Last weekend, my sister and her hubs came to visit!  They arrived right when I got off work so we had some time Friday afternoon to hang.  Although the cupcake shop we went to only had three left...all Lemon Blueberry by the way (yuck!), we still had a nice time.  I showed off our model home and we picked up some last minute camping supplies.  Read: candy.

Friday evening we headed over to one of the mansions on the east side for a Junior League fundraiser.  It was a casino night...which ended up being kind of lame...but we still had a good time.  Even if I did have to watch two magicians.  Am I the only one who is creeped out by magicians?  And even if I can't figure out how, I know they're I think they're just liars.  Matt insists they're magic.  I insist he is also a liar.

This was the view from the back door of the house.  Gorgeous, huh?

Dave and I paid $10 to do a wine pull...and pulled a wine worth $14.79!  We kept telling everyone how we made money, but Matt was insistent that we actually lost $10.  He's lame.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go camping!  To say the car was full would be an understatement. 

And because somehow all of the rest of my pictures did not upload...I will leave you in suspense until tomorrow about how the camping adventure went.

But I will give you a hint. 


60 mph winds.

Low 30's at night.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Today is a very exciting day.

Yes, it's Friday.  Which is always exciting.  But this is better than just that.

My sister is coming today!  Yeah!

A 3 p.m. I get to see her face.  We're meeting to get cupcakes!  Then I'm going to show her the model for our new home!  Whoopie!!

Her and her husband are coming for a Junior League event tonight called Jokers and Jackpots.  It has something to do with casino games and wine.  I'm only interested in the latter, but to each his own, right?  Apparently there is some raffle where I could win a ton of wine.  Like 50 bottles or something.  I don't know.  It's a lot.

Sold.  I'm in.  Where do I sign up?

After our night out on the town, the four of us are going camping tomorrow!!  The weather has been so beautiful so we were really looking forward to it.  But check out the forecast for tomorrow:

Do you see all of that rain?  And the high of 52?  Why the face Saturday?  Why the face?

So cross your fingers I get to sit by the fire and eat s'mores for at least some of our trip...or I will not be a happy camper. Ha!  Get it?  We're going camping?  *crickets*


I hope everyone has a fantastic Mother's Day weekend!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Room Transformation

A few weeks ago we finally completed our Junior League provisional project and I totally forgot to post about it!

As you may remember, my provisional group was assigned an in home day care center on the east side of Cleveland and asked to renovate one room. The program was designed around literacy so the list of desired supplies centered around books, educational toys, puzzles...that sort of thing. Let me just say...I heart Target.

Here's what we started with:

The room was upstairs off the only bathroom in the house. There was no carpet on the floor and with all the windows it got very cold. There was also virtually no room for the children to play or a place to put a diapering station which the caregiver desperately needed.

So we went to work. And in only 30's what we were able to do:

I must say the room was virtually unrecognizable. We were able to provide tons of books and toys for the kids, a rug that covered almost all of the exposed linoleum, and a brand new changing table.

But this was the best moment of the day:

She was SO excited. Lots of "happy tears!"

This is Erin, one of our group members. We nicknamed her "Ty Pennington" for obvious reasons.

What a better way to start a Saturday morning, right?

Oh, but then we followed it up with lunch and it was perfection :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bloggy Meet Up!

Hello friends! It feels like it's been forever! My week is a little screwy because I had Monday off...but this girl is not complaining. I could really get used to four day work weeks.

My weekend was pretty jam packed but it was a lot of fun. I spent Saturday morning volunteering with the Junior League at one of the local hospitals in the city. We participate in a program designed to assist young, pregnant women during and after the delivery. These women have the opportunity to participate in classes and earn points which they can then spend in the Stork's Nest. This shop is filled with all sorts of donated items such as car seats, bouncers, clothes, books, name it. We were able to provide child care for the mothers during the lecture, assist in feeding the participants, and organize the "checking out" duties of the Stork's Nest. It's one of those projects you participate in that leaves you feeling like you really made a difference...but also that you are so, so blessed. The majority of the pregnant women were very young. Some as young as 14. I just cannot even imagine...

Sunday we headed to church and spent the remainder of the day cleaning the casa. Why were we cleaning you ask? (You know I don't just clean for the heck of it...right?)

Well....because Lindsay was coming!!!

Lindsay and her dear husband were able to stop in Cleveland on their way home from a wedding filled weekend Sunday evening for a visit. You have no idea how excited I was to meet this girl. I mean, wouldn't you be? She's just fantastic.

We hit up Houlihan's for dinner and then Cheesecake Factory for dessert. I was able to get my Red Velvet Cheesecake!! Yeah! It was heavenly.

Monday we spent the morning visiting and even played the Wii for a bit. Let's just say we need some practice...

Chick-fil-a was on the menu for lunch since my Canadian friends had never been. It was a hit! Obviously. Can't you tell how excited she was??

It was so wonderful having them and I cannot wait for our next bloggy meet up!!

*Pictures stolen from Lindsay. Ha!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to the JLC!

My welcome party for the Junior League was a success! I met some great people whilst munching (but not over munching) on some yummy food and drinking white wine. But no evening is for your are some not so enjoyable tidbits about my night out:
  • I didn't join the Junior League to be in a sorority. I despise when people refer to it as a "sorority for adults." It makes me want to quit before I start.
  • Why did you serve me wine with ice? Lady, that is weird.
  • The house was so hot that I was a hot mess within 20 minutes of arriving. My curls had completely come undone, I had practically sweated off all my makeup, and my leather boots were sticking to my legs like nobody's business.
  • If one more person asks me what I do for a living or where I live or why I moved to Cleveland I think I am going to scream. I do not heart small talk.
  • I met approximately 30 people last night and I can only remember 2 names.
But on the plus side, I did meet a girl who just moved here from Indianapolis (where I am from originally) which is totally random and awesome all at the same time. Unfortunately, she is not one of the people whose name I remember. Hopefully name tags are required for all events...

So, cocktail party, check. Next meeting we get assigned our small groups and learn about our community projects. I am eager to get into this part of the league and move on from our glorified happy hours. Don't get me wrong, I love me some vino, but I can't wait to get out there and help our city! Believe needs it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mish Mosh

Meet Kristen. She has a goal: lose 40 lbs. by June for her sister's wedding. Now this is someone with a plan! I recruited her (begged her) to be my accountability partner. I'm in a dieting slump and my motivation wavers by the hour...but I recognize this as a problem and!

We are going to stay in touch about what we are eating throughout the week, what we are doing to work out, send each other recipes, and just be there for support. Although we just started this week, I can already see a difference in my thinking. Just knowing I am going to have to e-mail her what I ate is keeping me on track. I think about eating something and then I say to myself, "Self, what is Kristen going to think when you tell her you ate a cookie after breakfast??"

It has also been easier for me to recognize my problem areas: times of the day when I tend to munch, days I don't feel like working out, instances when I need to be eating more fruits instead of processed goods. It all seems to become clearer when you type it out and send your information to a stranger. I think that is the key for me. I know if I sent it to my mom, I wouldn't care what she had to say about it. If she told me not to eat a cookie for breakfast, I would tell her, "I do what I want!" But with Kristen, I want to work hard and eat well and be supportive for her.

So...I'll keep you posted!

Tonight is our official Welcome Cocktail for the new members of the Junior League, i.e. me. Hopefully it should be a fun time! The majority of our league is East-siders...which doesn't bode well for this West-side girl seeing as I have to travel all over the city to events. But, I guess it's a small price to pay for free wine and appetizers. Note to self, bring your dieting willpower to this event.

On another note, my dear bloggy friend A NYC H.I.T. presented me with the Splash Award.

This award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs. Wow! Thanks friend! I wonder if my husband thinks I'm alluring?? Annoying maybe. Ha!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Apparently I'm Married to a Cute Doctor....

This weekend was simply wonderful. Our usual routine was interrupted by some plans both Saturday and Sunday and it was so nice just to do something different!

Saturday we woke up and headed out to an Assisted Living facility on the east side of Cleveland for a volunteer event for the Junior first one! Both Matt and I had volunteered to help out with an Easter Egg Hunt they were hosting for the kids in the community and the staff's children. Unfortunately because of the weather, the hunt was moved indoors. Although the hiding of the eggs was totally lame seeing as they were just sitting there in plain view, the kids seemed to have a great time! They all came away with a TON of candy.

The woman in charge gave a few of us a tour of the facility when we arrived. We met a lot of the residents and assisted in bringing them down to the Easter Egg Hunt so they could see all of the kids. Although there were definitely people living there that were not really coherent and didn't know what the heck we were doing there, there were also those who were so happy to see us and talked out ears off. We walked through a common area where some of the residents were watching TV...and as Matt walked little old lady said, "Cute!" It was hilarious! Matt fit in very well with the elderly. They think he is very lady tried to sell him her "apartment"...AND he loves to sit around all day and do nothing but watch TV. I think he was ready to move in :)

Next we took on the role of passing out refreshments. I have to say, we ran a very well organized station! No one can pass out animal crackers and HUGS like the two of us!

We did some grocery shopping and headed home so Matt could do some work. I actually DID clean the closet! I will post more about that later this week. It was an adventure!

Sunday we went to a church service near home because one of our good friends was singing. It was such a nice time and we enjoyed a meal out with friends after the service at IHOP! (Last time we went to her service, we had to go to Bob Evans for breakfast....which I absolutely hate!! Home fries make me want to puke. Matt stepped in and suggested point for him.)

So after brunch, we did the whole let's get a million separate checks thing. Well the waitress called out a name and neither Matt or I understood, but Matt could see it was his credit card so he raised his hand. Then when she gave him the bill she said, "You are a doctor, right?" Um, what? Matt's initials on his card are M.D. (insert last name here). She thought because his initials were M.D. that he was a doctor! It turns out that's what she had said when she called out his name...Doctor! Ha! And Matt raised his hand like, yep, that's me :) I personally got a kick out of it. MAYBE if the M.D. was after his last name...okay...but hello?? Not before! Oh that made my morning :)

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Junior League and the Best Surprise!

So Friday evening was my very 1st Junior League event. It was a happy hour that apparently "actives" have monthly...but they decided to invite the newbies to in order to make some informal introductions before our first big meeting at the end of the month. IT WAS SO FUN!! Let me tell you...I was so nervous about not fitting in and people being snobby...but it was SO not like that. All of the women were FANTASTIC! And I knew I picked the right outfit (I went with black pants and the pink sweater top from Express) when I was introduced and two girls said, "'re new? I thought you were already a member?" Ha! I LOOK like a member!!

The woman that is in charge of recruiting was extra nice...and get this...she lives down the street from me!! An actual female that I could see myself being friends with lives close to me! Also, she complimented me on my purse...which was super similar to her purse! By the way...mine was from Walmart...$5 and she definitely had a super fancy brand. Yeah...that's right baby! I cannot wait for our next get together. I'm so glad that I went!

Enter Saturday...I get up every Saturday and go to my Zumba class at the gym. Well, today when I returned...I was greeted with this:

What's weird about this you ask?? Well, my husband has been sporting the whole Wolfman look since Christmas...full on beard and mustache. Recently, I have been asking him...well downright begging him to shave. I was just getting so sick of was itchy and just felt weird. I wanted my smooth husband back!

Well this is what he gave me! Yuck!!!!! He "says" that I told him I wanted to see what he would look like with just a mustache. I DO NOT remember this...and even if I did say I've seen it...I want it gone! It is super creepy! After I stopped laughing, I asked him when he was going to shave it off. He said, "Oh I don't know, maybe today or tomorrow." I laughed again and said, "'re going to leave the house like that??!"

**Update** He shaved!! Here is my smooth honey bunny...I'm so glad he's back!

We then did our usual grocery run to Walmart and look what I found for $10!!!

I'm on a sale roll man! I just had to have them! I can't wait until it's warm again.

Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the weekend!!

And by the way...head on over to Monograms and Martinis in Manhattan and enter her giveaway! You could win this!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Junior League

For awhile now I have been contemplating joining the Junior League of Cleveland. I really need to meet some people and what a great organization to do it through!

Well, I have my first Happy Hour for "recruits" on Friday at the Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar on the east side. What the heck does a girl wear to this?? Suggestions??

Is anyone a member of Junior League?? Like it...hate it?? I'd love to know your thoughts about what I am getting myself into. I kinda feel like I'm going to an interview! I'm nervous they're going to take one look at me shoo me away because I'm not Junior League material. It's an intimidating group!

How the heck does this whole process work anyway?!?