Friday, March 13, 2009

Junior League and the Best Surprise!

So Friday evening was my very 1st Junior League event. It was a happy hour that apparently "actives" have monthly...but they decided to invite the newbies to in order to make some informal introductions before our first big meeting at the end of the month. IT WAS SO FUN!! Let me tell you...I was so nervous about not fitting in and people being snobby...but it was SO not like that. All of the women were FANTASTIC! And I knew I picked the right outfit (I went with black pants and the pink sweater top from Express) when I was introduced and two girls said, "'re new? I thought you were already a member?" Ha! I LOOK like a member!!

The woman that is in charge of recruiting was extra nice...and get this...she lives down the street from me!! An actual female that I could see myself being friends with lives close to me! Also, she complimented me on my purse...which was super similar to her purse! By the way...mine was from Walmart...$5 and she definitely had a super fancy brand. Yeah...that's right baby! I cannot wait for our next get together. I'm so glad that I went!

Enter Saturday...I get up every Saturday and go to my Zumba class at the gym. Well, today when I returned...I was greeted with this:

What's weird about this you ask?? Well, my husband has been sporting the whole Wolfman look since Christmas...full on beard and mustache. Recently, I have been asking him...well downright begging him to shave. I was just getting so sick of was itchy and just felt weird. I wanted my smooth husband back!

Well this is what he gave me! Yuck!!!!! He "says" that I told him I wanted to see what he would look like with just a mustache. I DO NOT remember this...and even if I did say I've seen it...I want it gone! It is super creepy! After I stopped laughing, I asked him when he was going to shave it off. He said, "Oh I don't know, maybe today or tomorrow." I laughed again and said, "'re going to leave the house like that??!"

**Update** He shaved!! Here is my smooth honey bunny...I'm so glad he's back!

We then did our usual grocery run to Walmart and look what I found for $10!!!

I'm on a sale roll man! I just had to have them! I can't wait until it's warm again.

Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the weekend!!

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d.a.r. said...

Facial hair is so icky, glad you have your smooth hubs back!! Those shoes are precious, too!

Mandy Rose said...

I am so glad your meeting went well! It's always fun to find new interests! Glad your hubs decided to loose the mustache! ha! Smooth is way better!

Nessa said...

The cop look..doesnt work for him!! ;) Cute flats.

Allison said...

There are VERY few men that can pull off a mustache. I didn't even like Brad Pitt with his recently. ick. Glad he shaved for you :)

A Journey Through The Waiting Game said...

LOL Very creepy, very Super Troopers! Glad he shaved! Cute shoes!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

He's a good looking guy...MUCH more good looking without the moustache, I think.

Life at the White House said...

like you, i'm not a big fan of facial hair on my hubby.

if he goes to long without shaving i become a huge brat and continually pester him to shave until he does.

the undomesticated wife said...

I'm curious about what this $5 purse looks like! How could you mention it and not show us? ;)

I'm glad you've made some new friends you like!

Lindsey said...

HAHA! My hubs is shaving his beard tonight, so excited!!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

I'm so glad that your meeting went well! Congrats on getting the hubby to shave the facial scruff :)
I got my 30 Day Shred dvd at target - they also have them at Barnes & Noble, which might save you shipping!

With Love from New Orleans said...

So excited that you liked Junior League! I am definitely thinking about joining!