Monday, March 9, 2009

A Visit from the In-Laws

As I mentioned on my previous post, my in-laws, Phil and Dianne, were in town for the weekend. Matt's parents, like my own parents, are from it is about a 5 hour drive here to Cleveland. Phil and Di make the trip fairly regularly, while my parents, cough, have been here once in the 3 1/2 years I have lived here...and have never seen our house. No comment...(or maybe I will just say that I am clearly the least favorite child of 3...for real).

I truly do have a great relationship with my in-laws. They are fantastic people who treat me like I am their daughter. Sure, they have their quirks...but who doesn't. Sure, it can be a bit much of 24/7 family time when I'm with them ALL weekend...but that could be with anyone. Sure, Dianne still calls Matt pet names (doodlebug, sugar cube??) even though he will be 30 this year. Now where was I going with this?? Oh yeah...they're great!

Anyway, when I have visitors, it is all about the meals for me! Dianne is a fabulous cook (what Southern woman isn't??) so it is super intimidating for me to cook for her, so I always try to bust out my very best recipes when they are in town. It's a chance for me to use our fancy plates and present meals that are appealing to not only the taste buds but to the eyes as well (and have someone actually notice!)! Friday I made this Mexican Pizza. I had never made it before...but it fit into my no meat category so I gave it a try. It was fabulous and I definitely recommend it!

Saturday, after a quick trip to the gym for a little Zumba and a trip to the grocery store, Matt and I gave Phil his birthday gift! It was a surprise that we were even doing anything for his birthday. It is actually today, but I thought that we should celebrate it with him since we wouldn't be home. I would tell you what is was, but it was some tennis book that Matt picked out that I have no interest that's all I have on that.

We surprised Phil with his favorite dish, Dianne's Chicken Diablo. She gave me her family's secret recipe...can you believe it?? All I did was ask her what I should make...and she just gave it to me like it was no big deal...and then said, "I just ask that you not share this with anyone. You are the first person I have ever given this to." Whoa! Well, Phil just loved it...and then we topped it off with this...

It is supposed to be a tennis ball cake. Not one of my best, but hey, I threw it together after work on sue me! It was pecan spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Excellent combination I must say!

Sunday we hit up church and Sunday school and chilled the rest of the day. I made my daddy's famous lasagna, my very favorite meal in the whole entire world, and it was just wonderful. Check it out!

Well, as you can tell, this was not a weekend fit for a Weight Watcher, but as they always say, it's back on the fit train for me!

Happy Monday!


Melinda said...

i think its great that you get along with your inlaws...I was not so lucky there.

Nessa said...

whats on top of your daddy's lasagna?? ..maybe you'll share his recipe..;)..?

~*Sweet Tea Diaries*~ said...

OMG this post is making me so hungry! Your cake is too cute :)

And like Nessa said before me, the lasagna recipe needs to be shared! It looks so delicious!

d.a.r. said...

So jeal. of your relationship with the in-laws!!!! And that cake looks fabulous!