Thursday, March 12, 2009


In lieu of my first Junior League event tomorrow, I decided to hit up the stores yesterday after work to see if anything caught my eye. I must warn you though, I am entirely too frugal for my own good and never even look at anything that is not on sale. This makes shopping a tad difficult for me...but I think I had some good finds...and only spent $40.

My first stop was J. Crew. I tried on a ton of stuff, but settled on a sweater. I couldn't seem to find the exact picture of the one that I bought, but this one is similar..

c/o J. Crew

I happened to have on one of my bazillion "wife-beater" tank tops so I tried it on underneath because you could totally see through it. Any other suggestions about what to wear underneath this?? Colors??

Next I went to Express and found this super cute sweater.

c/o Express

The one I actually bought was light pink. You can see the picture of it here. I think the sleeves make the whole outfit! I can't decide if I should wear this tomorrow or not though. It's been freezing here...really, below I'm thinking I might be out of place in short sleeves. What do you think? I MAY have some sort of jacket to wear over it...but covering up the sleeves makes me sad.


Adventures in Newlywed said...

I love both of the new finds! The white sweater might look pretty with a pale green or coral colored tank under it - Target has some cute ones with lacy necklines that would look adorable :) Have fun!

LillySue said...

I love your new pink top. It would look fine under a jacket and you could then take the jacket off if it is warm enough inside. Pink is my favorite color to wear. It makes me feel rosey even if it's the middle of winter! Have fun at your meeting and make LOTS of new friends!
Blessings- LillySue

Lindsey said...

Love the shirt! Too cute!

Allison said...

Hey chica, can you do me a huge favor and contact me on my blog? I lost your email and need to ask you a favor! thanks!!

d.a.r. said...

Oh my gosh, so so so cute!!!