Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, Jillian put the hurt down on me...big time! Perhaps it was the fact that I had already spent an hour at the gym and THEN decided it was a good time to try for the first time my very own copy of the 30 day shred?? Who knows...but it was tough. I sweated more doing that than at the gym!

Onto more important things! The sweet Southern Bride gave me this award!

Her blog is super cute (probably why she got the award!) and you should definitely check it out!

Now onto the shame...writing 10 not so cute things about yourself...here we go:

1. After a workout: Fine...I'll admit it...I am a heavy sweater. Not a smelly sweater...just heavy. My clothes are soaked through after a workout, my hair is nasty, and my makeup is smeared...not cute!

2. My lack of showering: Sometimes after these workouts...I do not shower right away...and when I say right away...I mean not until the next morning. Yep...gross. I HATE to shower!

3. After a nap: I'm all groggy and I usually have lines on my face from the couch.

4. Lounging around the house: In my sweats...looking like a bum...not cute.

5. After my shower: When I finally do shower in the morning and my eye makeup from the day before is smeared all over my face. No matter what I do the night before...it just doesn't come off (and hey...sometimes I don't do a darn thing...)

6. When I'm bored: I get really antsy just sitting on the couch with the hubby doing nothing. I just keep saying over and over, "I'm bored!" And when he askes me what I want to do...I say, "I don't know!"--not cute...and kind of annoying.

7. When I'm in cake decorating mode: I get super intense because I want everything to be perfect...and when it doesn't go as planned...I take it out on the closet thing to me...the hubs! Sorry!

8. Doing yoga: I try to take yoga once a week...and I'm a master on the Wii Fit...but in the class with all of the beautiful size 0's...I am NOT cute!

9. When I brush my teeth: For some reason I get all of the toothpaste all over my face when I brush. We have one of those Sonicare brushes so it goes for 2 minutes and you can't take it out of your mouth or it will spray everywhere....so I have to stand over the sink and let the escaping foam drip out of my mouth. I've tried to put only a dot of toothpaste! It's gross...and I don't know how to fix it!

10. When I wake up: I sleep with my hair in a pony tail so it always ends up super crazy in the morning...like on the side of my head or something. It is definitely not what I would call cute.

I'm glad that's over!

I'll tag:

Brown Eyed Girl & Her Beau
Blue-Eyed Bride
Life at the White House
The Undomesticated Wife

If you've already done it...don't feel like you have to do it again. I guess you're just extra cute!! Love you guys!


Life at the White House said...

this should be easy for me - i'm "not cute" A LOT!


Brown Eyed Girl said...

thanks for the tag! shouldn't be too hard to come up with 10 not cute things - ha!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on the award! Who does look good after a workout right?

Kayla said...

So far would you recommend "the shred" I've been thinking about it, but there are SOO many mixed reviews. Just thought I'd ask

d.a.r. said...

Such a fun list!!

Dollface said...

Very adorable blog. I am happy to follow! Look forward to reading more, xoxo