Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Roudup!

Good morning my friends!

I must admit...I am pooped.

My weekend was jam packed with cleaning. And not just the...oh I'm gonna vacuum and pick up the area cleaning. Oh no. More like I'm gonna scrub all of the cabinets, wash every floor in the house, dust all wooden services, and clean the windows outside kind of clean. Yeah.

Saturday I woke up early-ish and went to the gym. I reappeared at Zumba for the first time in months and it was hard! Fun...but hard! After that, I set out to clean. I got one room done and then passed out :) I know. Sad. But I woke up to watch the final minutes of the Purdue/Michigan game...which I had previously turned off because it was making me throw up. But in stunning fashion, my Boilermakers stepped it up and actually won a game :) Boiler up!

After my nap, I hit the ground running with some serious cleaning. And I caught Dirty Dancing on TV which actually brought a few tears to my eyes seeing little ole Patrick in his prime. But can I just tell you one thing? Okay, I have been watching Dirty Dancing for a bazillion years. Yes. A bazillion. It is my favorite movie of all far. But when I was watching it on ABC Family...there were parts in there that I had never. seen. before. I am more than upset about this. I think traumatized would be a better word. So is ABC Family showing some director's cut that I do not have? Why does my VHS and DVD not have these scenes?? And it wasn't just one scene. I would say at least 5 scenes in the movie I had never even seen before. My heart hurts at this development because I can no longer legitimately say I know every word to this movie. (insert sad face here)

Anyways...I spent the remainder of my Saturday night sorting and organizing papers, shredding, and paying bills. Exciting...I know.

As a hilarious side note, I turned off Saturday night football when Matt fell asleep on the couch to the only other watchable program...The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding....of course. Matt woke up soon after and we headed to bed. Yes, we have a TV in our room, and yes, we love it. Sue us. So we had the movie on in the bedroom and my dear, sweet, lovable husband watched the entire rest of the movie. I, however, fell asleep in 5.2 seconds. And you want to know the cutest thing? He told me all about the movie in the morning. Ha! Sometimes my heart literally bursts with love for him.

Sunday was spent doing more cleaning and attempting to assist Matt in crafting our own box spring (minus the springs) for our new mattress. And we'll just leave it at that because it did not go well.

So today I would love to spend lounging....but I am at work. And I have another freaking Junior League event tonight. And I have to squeeze a trip to the gym in there somewhere as well. Ah, my glamorous life. Good thing I wouldn't have it any other way :) I guess God really does give you all you need :)

And speaking of God...I finished the Old Testament today! I cannot wait to start reading about Jesus! Eek! I can't believe I made it through!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! What did you do????


Heather said...

Love dirty dancing. I need to clean SO BAD. My house is a mess...I wish my weekend recap involved cleaning!!

Lindsey said...

Gosh you are a busy girl! How do you like Zumba? It is hard to follow?

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Sounds like you were super busy! Should I mention that I have never once seen Dirty Dancing?

Lucy Marie said...

While Katie lived in Scotland, she left all of her DVDs with us. Included in that collection was the Prince and Me 2 ... One time I was away for the weekend and when I came home, I went to put a DVD in and found that the prince and me 2 was in the player.

I had never watched it.

My dear, sweet husband, had chosen it out himself and watched it all alone.

He's such a sweet little girl.

Congrats on finishing the OT! Bring on the Jesus!

lola said...

What a weekend! Him telling you about the movie in the morning is so sweet! :)

Dollface said...

Dirty dancing = yes, but the prince and me 2, hahaha... my weekend was very relaxing... ive totally been into Entourage :) xxxxoo miss u!

Krystyna Lizabeth. said...

I LOVE DIRTY DANCING :) along with the rest of the world. "no body puts baby in a corner" the line that made the world fall in love with patrick swayze.
and it is so adorable that your husband watched the prince and me two :)
so cute.

i threw my dad a surprise 50th birthday party this weekend and it turned out perfect :)

The Shabby Princess said...

Umm, the sis in law and I totally spent yesterday watching Dirty Dancing and the first The Prince & Me, because the other two aren't good--in our opinion. It was a pretty awesome Sunday.

Now I have to go to class. I am not thrilled.

Brittany Ann said...

You, my friend, are one excellent wife! Doing all that all by yourself (and updating me all the while...which I loved!)

And amen on the TV! Who doesn't like a nighttime movie and cuddle IN BED? I'm with you! We have one too!

Tasha said...

Dirty Dancing = best movie ever! You were super productive this weekend! How about sharing a little of that motivation? :-)