Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils...oh my!

You know what I saw this morning when I walked into our locker room?

These little beauties:


One might think I would be excited to see these yummy cookies. But one would be wrong.

Because these delicious bunches of sugar filled goodness were not for me.

They were for someone else.

Someone who ordered them from a person at my work...that. did. not. ask. me.

No one asked me if I wanted any cookies. No little girl came to my door. No one.

Boy did they lose out on some cash.

I have serious Girl Scout Cookie envy people. Everyone has them and I am stuck lurking in front of supermarkets around town driving my husband crazy yelling, "Look over there! Are their Girl Scouts outside? What do you mean you can't see over the snow? Look harder!"

So keep your eyes peeled ladies. If you see a little girl wearing a vest with patches on it...send her my way. Because I might just go crazy if I do not get some Samoas soon.


Llama said...

URGGH! I totally got jipped on the GS cookies this year too! What the heck?!? I miss my thin mints! You poor were teased!!

Kristen said...

some how my husband came home with 6 boxes! Maybe I should I mail them to you? Cause Lord knows we'll never eat them!

April said...

I spent $30 on girl scout cookies this year. Embarrassing? Just a little. But worth it? Heck yes.

New England Girl said...

Mmm. Thin mints and samoas. They would be my diet downfall. SO delicious.

Heather said...

I can't find them anywhere. I am dying for some!

Brittany Ann said...

OMG, Jenny, I'm dying laughing. Because this was exactly me this year.

No one asked me to pre-purchase, and I am STALKING grocery stores, yelling at who ever is with me, to look for the green vests! I finally bought a box last weekend, but (gasp!) I'm almost out! Let the stalking begin again!

melissa said...

Oh no! I was just complaining the other day that not one single person in my office has a kid who's a Girl Scout. In an office of 50+ people. Hope you get your hands on some cookies soon!

Sonja said...

HAHA I avoided grocery shopping for 3 weeks because I KNEW they would be there. then finally I went to during the week when I KNEW they would be in school because we were getting hungry haha

Last weekend I went to Publix to go to the ATM and what did I do? Bought two boxes of Tagalongs. While I was on the way to 5Guys for lunch.

hahaha fail.

Dollface said...

I miss tagalongs!!! xxxooo

Lucy Marie said...

Feel like taking a drive to Canada? I have a box of thin mints and tagalongs in the cupboard and 4 more boxes of thin mints in the freezer :)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Jenny, I always feel this way! I NEVER EVER EVER hear about the cookies until after the fact...I have yet to see a real girl scout selling cookies, yet everyone around me has at least one box of the delicious goodness! NOT FAIR! :)

Ashley said...

check in front of the grocery stores...they are all over all grocery entrances and yes i did buy some!

Lisa said...

I am about to make your day.

I was feeling sad and cookie-less until someone on Twitter clued me in to this gem of a website.

LauraAnn said...

Yum! I love Somoas!

I used to never hear about GS cookies until my nieces got older. Thank goodness their mothers put them in Daisy Scouts. lol

Good luck finding some GS cookies!