Friday, February 18, 2011

1 Month

Natalie, you are 1 month old!!

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown.  You are growing so quickly right before Mama's eyes it is simply astounding.  At your one month appointment you were 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 22 inches long.  You are in the 75th percentile in both categories...completely proportional and perfect.  You're going to be tall, just like your Mama and Papa!

You had to get a shot at your appointment and it just broke my heart.  It was a cry I had never heard you were saying, "Mama, that hurt!"  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this every visit!  I hate seeing you in pain...

Every week we go to a breastfeeding support group and you are doing such a fabulous job.  Even though you eat constantly, Mama feels so lucky that you are feeding so well and really having no problems.  And the nurses there have been such a fabulous resource!  What a blessing it is to have them!

So Miss Natalie.  What have you been up to this month?

  • You've been to the mall and Costco with your mama.  You don't seem to be a huge fan of being out for a long time so our trips are kept short.  You're having mixed feelings about your car seat.  Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it.  And you let me know.  Loudly.

    • We had our first baby lunch date with a few friends and had a blast!  Of course you had to eat twice while we were there.  Did I mention you were a pig?
    • Speaking of pig, you make these snorting noises all over Mama's chest when you're hungry.  It is HILARIOUS.  I hope I can catch it on video sometime because it makes Daddy and I laugh so much!
    • You're pooping like a champ.  Always have been.  You've even given us a few blowouts at night which are oh so fun.  Not.
    • You hate the cold and everything about it.  I don't know how you are going to survive in Northeast Ohio.  
    • Other things you hate:  the bath, changing clothes, getting your diaper changed.  Hm.  What things do you actually like?  Oh yeah.  My boobs.
    • Daddy and I give you tummy time every day and you totally rock at it.  You don't always have the best time but you are scooting so well.  You're also holding your head up for really long stretches...and believe it or even rolled over!  Three times!   Genius...
    • Sleep.  Sleep has been a challenge.  You would only sleep on Mommy for about two weeks at night which made me really nervous.  But you have transitioned to your pack n play quite nicely and give us an average of 2-3 hour stretches at night.  I usually feed you about three times a night.  Last night, though, you rocked out at 4 hours! 
      • You don't let Mommy get a lot done during the day as you love to be held.  Your bouncer can entertain you the longest but you are more of the snuggling type. You are best right after your first feeding in the morning and you usually let Mommy shower and even get dressed before you scream.  Usually.

      Well little one...we did it!  We survived our first month together!  And your daddy and I are looking forward to so many more.  Love you!


        Joanna said...

        She is SO precious!!!

        The Fabulous Life of a Coach's Wife said...

        Poor girl getting her shots! That pic with the Band-Aid on her leg! :-( She is precious though!!!!

        Becky said...

        Seriously she is SO cute! Great job Mama!

        The Shabby Princess said...

        Ok, the pictures of her with the band aid and the one of her screaming? Priceless.

        And I looooove that she has Stitch--so cute!

        cessc said...

        a sling may help you get more done...just a suggestion enjoy your little one.

        Kristen said...

        she is absolutely precious! I'm so glad breast feeding is going well for you cause that can be such a tricky thing! Glad you had time to fill us in with some pictures! :)

        Mrs EyeCanSee said...

        What a cutie!! And I love the print on that pink chair which I assume is in nursery?! How do I not remember it from your nursery debut, it's fabulous!

        Lucy Marie said...

        So sweet! Congrats on surviving the first month. You girls are rocking it. Do you have a moby or any other baby carrier? That's how I get things done during the day when she always wants to be held.

        Shaina said...

        Okay ... I am so late with this one, but wow! Natalie is now 8 weeks old! Insanity!!!