Thursday, February 17, 2011

Natalie's Birth Story....the Conclusion

Get caught up on Natalie's birth here and here!

After Natalie was born, I got to spend several hours with my sweet girl doing Kangaroo Kare.  It was such a precious time for me and I'm so glad my little family had the chance to do that.  What a great opportunity to bond right from the beginning! 

Plus, it kind of distracted me from the fact that I was bleeding.  A lot.  I remember telling the doctor after she was born that I felt something coming out of me.  I was pretty sure it was blood gushing...but what did I know?  I mean, I just gave birth!  So instead of worrying I just paid attention to Natalie and they fixed me right up.  My blood pressure did drop significantly and I had to be put on fluids.  I also almost passed out the first time I tried to get out of bed.  But after about a day or two I was feeling more like myself.  I am still taking iron pills because of my excessive blood loss, but other than that, I'm back to normal!

We had Natalie early Saturday morning and went home Monday afternoon.  The hospital sends a nurse out to your house to see how you are doing the first week you're home which was incredibly helpful.  She was so reassuring about everything we were doing.  She was also able to make sure I was healing and made me feel like the pain I was having was normal.  I had a lot of trouble sitting and walking around for the first week and a half to two weeks.  But again, feeling great these days!

My mom was kind enough to stay and help out for a whole week which was a God send.  She had a special touch that put Natalie right to sleep and believe me...I am missing her these days!  Having someone take her as soon as you get up for the day so you can get ready and eat!  What a treat!

But we are adjusting to being just the two of us just fine.  We definitely have our bad days, and the girl eats like a pig so I feel as if I'm constantly nursing.  But the snuggles are totally worth it.  She's just so beautiful!  But she's already growing so fast!  I swear, the girl will be off to college before I know it!


melissa said...

Thanks for sharing Natalie's birth story with us! I'm so glad you two are doing so well and look forward to more pictures of your precious girl.

The Shabby Princess said...

How great that the hospital send a nurse out to check on you. So glad that you and my sweet niece are doing good! I can't wait to meet her. I love you to the moon!