Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Months!

Natty Poo,

How the heck are you already 2 months old?  I can't believe how much you have grown and changed right before my eyes.  I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to be at home with you and love on your sweet face everyday.


Here are some stats about you straight from your doctor:

Weight:  11 lbs. 14 oz.  (75%)
Length:  23 3/4 inches (90%)  You are so tall little girl!  Mommy and Daddy knew you would be!

You had to have an oral vaccine as well as two shots at your appointment and you handled it so well!  You cried when they gave you the shots...but as soon as Mommy picked you up you stopped.  The nurses said you were very strong and I couldn't agree more!

Also, your doctor flipped you over on your tummy to check out how well you were holding your head up and guess what she said?  She told me you looked like a 4 month old!  Mommy is so proud!  Tummy time is paying off!  Good thing we practiced right before your appointment!

You're in size 1 diapers but I think you really need to be in size 2...but we're hoping we can use the rest of the 1's we have before you grow too much more.  You're into 3-6 month clothes already and the ones with footies are already snug.  You are so long little one!

You're still a crazy eater.  I feed you every two hours during the day and you only go longer if you are sleeping.  You don't really have a consistent nap schedule yet...but I'm finding more way to get you to sleep during the day.  You're loving your activity mat on your belly for a nap and will stay there for usually 45 minutes.  

Speaking of your activity mat, you LOVE it now!  It's like one day you all of a sudden discovered that it made noise and had toys on it.  You are a big fan of the mirror and like to look at the lights flashing on the top of it as well.  However, you still detest your swing.  Mommy is pretty upset about it seeing as she bought it for you herself. 

Sleep.  Oh Natalie.  Some days you sleep like a total champ!  We put you down around 7:30 p.m. and have gotten 7 hours straight out of you and then you go for 3-4 more.  It's lovely.  BUT, you have gotten into the habit lately of crying your little eyes out when I put you down.  You force Mommy or Daddy to rock you to sleep and we are less than thrilled about this trend.  Plus, Mommy kinda sucks at it.  You kept her up for 4 hours one night when Daddy was at work late and it was pretty much the worst night of my life.   But if Daddy's there to rock you, you're a peach.  Thanks little girl.  Makes a mama feel great...

You went on your first walk outside this month!  You still hate your car seat so I had to take you out and carry you in the baby carrier about 10 minutes in...but then you fell right asleep and loved it!  I'm hoping you adjust to your car seat soon because Mama's back cannot take carrying your heavy booty around all the time.

You've been making new friends like crazy this month as we have been invited to so many play dates!  I had no idea how much I was missing out on before I had you!  All of this fun was being had with mommies and their kiddos and I didn't even know!  I'm so glad that you will have friends to play with and not be stuck with your mommy all day, everyday!

You're still the happiest in the morning and chill out in your bouncer while Mommy eats breakfast and gets ready for the day.  Okay.  That's a lie.  I don't always get ready for the day.  Sometimes that just involves putting in my contacts.  That's getting ready, right?

We did get some pictures taken of you this month and you were absolutely darling!  You screamed all the way to the photo shoot but stopped as soon as I took you out of your car seat.  Then you were a dream!  The perfect model!  I can't wait to get them back!

You continue to amaze your Mommy and Daddy everyday about how much you have changed our lives.  But in all seriousness, we could not imagine life without you now.  You are a handful and completely needy but you're ours.  Our little miracle we had a hand in creating and we could not possibly love you more.

And how are you already bigger than Stitch?  Insane...


Danielle said...

Be persistent on the swing - our little guy HATED it too and I was so bummed 1) because we picked it out and 2) it was expensive! So, my mother-in-law discovered that if we rocked him until he was super drowsy (esp after he nursed/ate), and THEN put him in, he would fall asleep for hours in there. Finally, he just started being able to go in there and fall asleep or just sit there awake! Good luck!!

The Shabby Princess said...

I love you my little Natalie bug! I cannot wait to meet you and snuggle you. Your mommy is one of my bestest friends ever and I love you all so much. Of course you're going to be tall like mommy and daddy and tower over you little Texan aunt.

You're my favorite!

And I love that you have Stitch!

Lucy Marie said...

What a sweetie. I can't believe she's already two months old.

WHEN are we meeting up for a day? WHEN?

melissa said...

Happy 2 month birthday Miss Natalie! You are so beautiful!

Kristen said...

oh my gosh I've always sucked at rocking my youngest to sleep.... it never failed, I'd have to go get my husband so he could do it! Talk about a blow to my ego! lol

Happiness Is... said...

Aw, she is precious!

I am glad my son is not the only one eating every 2 hours! I just said to the husband tonight that he is the only one doing that, so reading your experience was a relief :)

d.a.r. said...

Oh she is getting so big!! So cute!!

Lora said...

look at that SWEET baby girl!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

awww, so sweet! and she's so cute! :)