Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday:  Orange Chicken

This was that straight up out of a box frozen meal from Costco that has been on repeat for months.  It comes with two packages so this was package number 2.  It's yummy, easy, but very high in points and not something I'm into every week.  It makes the day seem so long when I've used the rest of my points up by 11:30 and have to wait until 7:30 to eat this.  Bring on the fruit.

WW Points:  19 points (1 3/4 cups) + 4 points for a serving of brown rice

Tuesday:  Velveeta Italian Sausage Bake

New meal this week using the feature of plugging your ingredients into the search boxes and seeing what comes up.  Mine?  Sausage and penne pasta.  This meal was super delicious!  If you're into Velveeta of course.  The thought of Velveeta kinda grosses me out, but in finished dishes I cannot deny its awesomeness.

I omitted the zucchini in this recipe so it probably could've used a little more pasta in my version, but if you follow the recipe the amount should be adequate. 

WW Points:  17 points/serving
4 servings

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-Up

For some reason I picked two meals with Velveeta this week.  Not really on purpose but it worked out well because I already had some in the fridge.  This meal kind of reminds me of this yummy cheese dip my mom makes but all rolled up into a pizza dough.  It's good, but I feel as if the dough is a little thick for my taste and leaves me wanting more meat.  That's what she said.  But nonetheless, yums.

Next time I would cook the bacon separately and then add it in later.  I don't feel like it gets crispy cooking it with the beef and I'm a crispy bacon kind of girl.

WW Points:  17 points/serving
4 servings

Friday:  B-Spot & Leftovers

It was Girls' Night Out Friday at B-Spot, a new restaurant in town by Michael Symon.  I ended up getting a salad because I saved the rest of my points for wine.  Yep.  That's how I roll.  Matt ate up the leftovers from the previous evening.

Saturday:  Hamburgers & Grilled Corn

This was a last minute throw together meal as my plans for the evening fell through at the last minute.  Matt was in charge as I do not grill so I just kind of made up the points for this one.  AKA: a night of not caring.  Followed by ice cream.  With peanut butter smeared on top.

Sunday:  Steak and Chicken Kabobs, Potato Casserole, Caramel Brownies

We had a cookout at a friend's house and I was of course in charge of bringing dessert.  The brownies were so yummy, but they were incredibly rich and very gooey.  Practically impossible to get out of the pan.  They were so gooey you had to eat them with a fork.  I'm not sure I would make them again because of the messiness factor but they were soooo good. 

Clearly I lost no weight this week because of my weekend crazies.  But some weeks, maintaining is succeeding my my book.  And so is sending the leftover brownies to work with your husband.

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