Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping Spree! No! Window Shopping!

I've been dying for this New Balance tote ever since I found it in my Shop It To Me e-mail the first day I signed up. I have been looking for a new gym bag and I think this would be perfect. It keeps coming down in I think I may finally break down and get it this weekend. It's only $26.99...originally $45! And free shipping...for which I am a huge sucker.

I'm also in love with this little Ralph Lauren number. I would never pay $300 for a dress...and I know no idea where I would wear it...but alas, I am still in love with it.

Some other items I am currently coveting are as follows:

Ralph Lauren's Parker Striped Golf Shirt (perfect in pink for a new golfer like me!)

Calvin Klein Sweater

Tote from J. Crew

Knee-high Argyle Socks from J. Crew (only $4.99!)

What's on your wish list??


d.a.r. said...

All of the dresses at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft.....all of them. I hate my body in shorts so I wear lots of dresses during the summer!

a H.I.T. said...

Love the RL dress. Too cute. I'm in dire need of a new purse...Husby told me I can buy one in Italy over vacay!!!

Dollface said...

$795 pair of Jimmy Choos.... but I dont need it!!! But i want it :P And I heart your RL dress.. get it!! xxxooo

Cristina said...

I am sure you can find somewhere to wear that fabulous RL dress...perhaps on a vacation?

Ashley said...

I am so loving everything on this post! Especially that bag from J Crew! I want it now!

Love the argyle socks too! and the CK sweater! ahhh I like it all!

Mrs. Smith said...

OK I am totally behind in my google reader so I just saw this post. I LOVE THAT PINK DRESS!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. The gym bag is totally cute, too! Function and style all in one. Love it!