Sunday, April 12, 2009

Was Jesus With Me Today or What!!?!

Happy Easter everyone!! We attended the most powerful service this morning! Our how I wish y'all could've been there! We attend Parkside Church where Alistair Begg is the Senior Pastor. Have you heard of him?? Apparently, he is quite famous...although I myself had never heard of him until we moved to Cleveland. Well, I love me a good, straight from the Bible teaching...and that's exactly what he does!

This fantastic couple, the Getty's, graced us with their presence at the service as well. They write and sing a ton of the songs we use during church for worship and I get absolutely lost in their music. Seeing them in person is always so moving...and with all of the musicians...and the choir...I can't even being to describe the feelings that I had! It's like I couldn't sing loud enough (sorry honey!) and I was getting all choked up just hearing the concregation. There were obviously so many more people there than are usually in attendance...and it was truly an emotional experience for me. I'm just so excited that so many people where there to witness it! I do hope they come back again for another service. Parkside is simply amazing!

Here's just one of the fabulous songs we sang this morning. This isn't our church...but you get the idea. Aren't they fantastic!?!

Do you do Easter baskets?? I have made it a tradition to give one to Matt every year since we started dating! Here's what he got this year:

Some candy...of course...and he got a book and a Bible! He's always trying to share mine...and I'm quite possessive of the Word :) so I thought it was about time he had his own copy! I'm trying to scale back his candy though, seeing as he never eats it...and I end up eating it instead :)

He also received this card:

I had a very religious card picked out...but then I saw this one...and just had to get it! It's very me :)

I'll update you on the rest of my weekend soon...but I wanted to get this Easter post up before the day slipped away!!

Jesus is risen! This is definitely a time for celebration!


d.a.r. said...

Sounds like an amazing service!!! And I love that you guys do easter baskets.

Elyse said...

Happy Easter! That card is hysterical :)