Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas to Remember

Because Matt and I were leaving for Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon, we decided to do our Christmas on Tuesday evening. This year we opted for just stockings. Here is my sweetie with his goodies:

Check out all of my loot!

Every year my two best friends and I go out for a fancy shmancy Christmas dinner to celebrate the holidays. It's become a tradition to get our picture taken in front of the Christmas tree as a little memento.

Jill, AJ, and I

Seriously delicious dessert! Carrot cake, Cheesecake, and a Chocolate Truffle that was to die for.

Jill and me

Matt and I stayed Wednesday evening with my parents. When we woke up, my sister and her husband were there. We spent the morning chatting and decorating sugar cookies. So fun! Well, for a little while :)

Jessi was really, really good. I was okay...and then I sucked. Those cookies take so long to decorate!

Here is her cookie of her husband. Absolutely hilarious. He's even holding candy. Love it.

So, of course, I had to make a cookie that looked like Matt. This is what I came up with. What do you think? He was not impressed.

Jessi's Santa

Matt and I headed over to his parents' house to visit for a few hours and to do some last minute wrapping. Then we went to Mass with my family and headed out to Chili's for our annual Christmas Eve meal with my dad's side of the family as well as Matt's parents. After dinner, everyone came back to my parents' house for a gift exchange and family game night.

Mom's Christmas Eve spread

Me, my brother, and my sister

Action shots during the gift exchange: FIL, cousin, grandma, aunt, and grandpa. I took away two board games and Matt came home with a dirt devil. Great. I know who that gift is really for.

Let the games begin! Here is my BIL in action. It was boys vs. girls in a game of Funglish. I had never played this game before and it was super fun. Great game for a party!

Matt and I stayed another night with my parents and woke up Christmas morning to find this:

Clearly Mom went a little nut-so with the large gifts this year! We could hardly walk in the room! But what a beautiful tree!

Every year we get lotteries in our stockings. Here is my BIL, sister, Mom, and brother scratching them off. Matt was actually the big winner with $10 :)

My BIL decided to wrap himself up as a present with the excess wrapping paper. Oh dear.

Highlights of my gifts include some cake decorating supplies, a new sweater, a leopard Snuggie!, a dutch oven, a new stock pot, several books, and a few kitchen gadgets. Matt got a lot of Colts gear, a Brooks Brothers gift card, an outdoor smoker/grill, and a shop vac. My family was so generous with all of their gifts and we were so thankful!

We played a few games and then bid farewell to my sister and her husband who headed up to Fort Wayne to spend the rest of the weekend with Dave's family. Matt and I went over to his parents' house around 12:30 p.m. and spent the rest of Christmas with them. It is there that I received my new Chi straightener!! I'm super stoked about this! I have already used it and it is just fabulous. I could not love it more! Matt cleaned up with every tool you can imagine. Now, what can I make him build me?? Hm.

Saturday some of Matt's extended family came up from the Louisville area and we walked away with a few more board games. Later in the afternoon, Matt and I left for our final Christmas celebration with my mom's side of the family. She is one of seven so it is always a houseful no matter where we go.

After the gift exchange there, we had the joy of watching my brother participate in a pick up game of football. Oh how the mighty have fallen...

For some reason, Mook had tucked his jeans into his boots whilst playing. I guess they were too long?? Who knows...but it was hilarious.

We had an amazing Christmas with family and friends and I am so sad to see the season ending. But I am looking forward to the New Year with much anticipation for new adventures to come!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Sounds like it was a pretty amazing Christmas!!

I'm totally amazed at the humongous presents - that's crazy!!

d.a.r. said...

OMG all of the presents, haha!!! I love it!

Haha, Z got me Monopoly Deal in my stocking, too. We are officially obsessed, it is so fun!

Ashley Paige said...

Aw, what a fab Christmas! And I can totally see the resemblance to Matt's cookie.. well, sorta! ;) And wow, Jessi really IS good at cookie-decorating! That Santa??! Awesome!!

Taylor-made Wife said...

Your cookie looked much better than anything I have ever done. Looks like you had a great Christmas!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

cookies! i loved them all! how have you been? cakin? i got a cute cake cutter in my stocking. it looks like a saw! thought of you.

we opted for stockings only from everyone this year! they all had a blast.

for the love said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! Isn't the Chi the BEST?

Lindsey said...

Looks like an amazing Christmas!!

Sonja said...

OK the cookie of "Matt" made me laugh out loud because my first thought was "It's a green GOAT" and then I laughed harder because of our "do you own a goat/coat?" convo. hahahaha

very cute though!!

Glad you had a great Christmas!!! :)


Lucy Marie said...

That cookie is an EXACT replica of Matt. Couldn't be more perfect.

Jenn said...

i love two things about this post:

1. the green furry cookie that was supposed to be matt. absolutely classic.

2. the fact that you managed to use the word "whilst" in a description about football. you rule!


Brittany Ann said...

Love the Snuggies we all got this holiday! My pink one is a little jealous of your leopard one!

Lora said...

fun! I love reading everyone's Christmas recaps :0)

Shaina said...

It looks like your Christmas was so much fun!!!! And, like everyone above me, I absolutely LOVE the cookie of "Matt." And I'll keep him in quotations because it seems like a really loose interpretation of him. :)