Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last weekend, Matt and I headed off to Chicago to visit my sister and her husband! We had just a fabulous time and I cannot wait to go back!

We arrived late Friday evening and didn't really do much but head to bed. That bus ride sure does take it out of you! As an aside, can I just talk a second about the passengers of the Megabus? We had a young man, maybe early college age, sitting across the aisle from us. Here is just a taste of what we got to enjoy during our 6 hour trip:
  • our very own rendition of Fireflies
  • witnessing the conducting of an orchestra (we heard later he was taking out the soprano part in his head and changing it around...apparently he's in the choir)
  • overhearing all about calculus and physics homework (who does homework on a Friday night?? Sad boys who will never, ever have a girlfriend. That's who.)
  • hearing every street we passed relayed over the phone to his friend when we got near the city
By the end of the trip, I was completely delirious and found all of this hilarious. And we heard Fireflies 4 times over the weekend which made it even better.

Saturday we got to spend some quality time with this little man!

He had his very own Milkbone that he carried around with him all the time. He wouldn't even let go of it when he was chasing the tennis ball! So cute!

But my favorite thing about Mook was when his ear did this:

Family portrait!

This is as close as Matt got to Mook. Although his allergies weren't acting up, he didn't want to risk it. The joke all weekend was that Mook loved Matt the most and they were the very best of friends! You can tell by Matt's face that he didn't agree.

We spent the day playing board games, eating yummy deep dish pizza, and watching the Colts win! We also went to dinner and got to enjoy this deliciousness for dessert!

Sunday was pretty much more of the same...board games, leftover pizza for lunch, more football, just a wonderful relaxing weekend with family. Couldn't have been better.

We left Monday morning to go back home and spent the evening recouping from the trip. Isn't it funny how sitting on your butt for hours can make you tired? Weird. But we're back...and back to work...and ready to plan our next visit :)

I shall leave you with a few more pictures of Mook. I know. I am clearly puppy obsessed and I MUST HAVE ONE NOW!


Heather said...

Cute doggy! Glad you enjoyed Chicago, craving pizza now!!

d.a.r. said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! And oh my goodness cute lil' baby dog! Matt looks like he just puffy pink hearts him, haha!

Adorably Distracted... said...

Glad you had fun!!! It looks like a blast!

Taylor-made Wife said...

What an adorable little puppy! Glad you had a great weekend. And I agree, sitting on my butt always takes more of a toll than it theoretical should.

Sonja said...

aww glad you had fun!! what an adorable puppy! I love the Milkbone :)

and Matt's face!! LOL

Kristin @ the Waiting Game said...

Ha! Matt looks like a three year old in that pic; really unsure of the puppy!

The Shabby Princess said...

The puppy is so cute! Obviously, you need one.

Glad you had a fun weekend!

Lucy Marie said...

SO cute! I love his crazy ears.

Lindsey said...

Glad you had fun! Great pics!

Jenn said...

love the wonky ears - those are the best!

and what kind of deep dish pizza did you eat?? please tell me lou malnati's?? :)

Dollface said...

awww.... furbaby love!! and that dessert ahahhh so good, have some for me! welcome home :) xxxooo

Shaina said...

Awwww I love the puppy! So freaking adorable. The weekend sounds like it was sooo much fun!

Brittany Ann said...

You definitely need a puppy, my friend!

Glad you had fun!

a H.I.T. said...

His ear is doing it again in the second to last photo! So cute :) Glad you had such a fun trip.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

How much fun!! I am dying to go to Chicago! And that dessert looked amazing!!

Mook is adorable! Love the ear :)

Tasha said...

That is one adorable puppy! I love Chicago and I'm so glad you guys had fun! You cracked me up with the bud ride story!

LauraAnn said...

Awe! What a cute puppy!