Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Weeks!

10 weeks people!  1/4 done!  Whoa.

Sorry.  I just fainted.

Okay.  10 weeks down.  But I didn't even know I was pregnant for half that time.  So in reality...time is moving very, very slowly at this point. 

How Far Along:  10 weeks!  The babes is a prune...which I find disgusting.  Let's just skip that part, shall we?

Maternity Clothes:  Here's the deal.  My dearest, closest family members will undoubtedly tell you....I am cheap.  I do not buy clothes.  I just don't.  I think clothes are cute...and I want new clothes...but when it comes to spending the money, I just can't.  There are so many things that are more important to me.  So this whole, "I need a new wardrobe" thing is kind of getting to me.  My shirts clearly still fit (but side note...the girls hurt like nobody's business!) but the pants are a little tight.  I just want to be more comfortable when I sit down, you know?

So mamas.  Where should I start?  Where did you go shopping for maternity clothes?  What did you get?  Did you get something you would grow into?  I'm at a complete loss on this.

Sleep:  Actually a little better.  I'm still napping after work but I have been sleeping better at night.  I'm just trying not to look at the clock when I wake up....just roll over and go back to sleep.  

Food:  I never thought I would say this, but I am so sick of eating.  Yes.  You are reading the right blog.  I know.  I don't eat a ton at one time...but I have to eat almost every hour or baby is not a happy camper.  I'm still stuck on Nilla Wafers and blueberries, but I've recently added watermelon to the mix and baby is loving it.  I am able to eat yogurt again...which is great!  Oh, and string cheese!  I LOVE me some string cheese.

And the gummy bears, of course.  I did see the bottom of the bag this morning though and had a mini heart attack.

Best Moment of the Week:  Hm.  Can't really think of anything significant.  I was kind of "outed" on Facebook by some well meaning family members congratulating me on my wall.  How these people found out, I have no idea.  The fact that we didn't want to tell people was completely lost on almost every single person we told.  Lesson learned.  So...I did make the official baby announcement on Facebook...which is a BIG step, right?  Ha!

What I'm Looking Forward to:   Being able to make it to the grocery store.  And having a meal ready for Matt when he gets home from work.  And our next appointment of course!


Adorably Distracted... said...

yay! i'm so excited for you :-) and that i get to read all about it!

Dollface said...

I love that you are documenting everything! I cant wait to read more , when baby is bigger than a prune :) xxxooo

Heather said...

As far as clothes....a new bra is a must that is the first thing I bought since they got huge immediately. A pair of maternity jeans/ pants with the band will be a lifesaver, don't try to cram into tight pants...these are so much more comfortable. I bought a pair of jeans at 10w and I am so glad I did, it took that too tight edge off.

Shirts are just starting to fit me now at 19w, they are big and will be better in like month 6-7-8.

Old Navy and Target has cheap mat clothes, I personally like Destination Maternity, they have really cute stuff.

5th Belle Avenue said...

I seriously didn't make ONE meal during my whole first trimester - I felt SO bad for my hubs, but TRUST ME, they understand. :) Even after the 12 week mark hit, it was still rough, but now at 17 weeks - I have SO.MUCH.MORE.ENERGY! HOOOORAY! Still not back to my myself, obvi, but MUCH better than the first 12 weeks! Dinners are now being served. :) Yay for your li'l prune!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

1st Tri is like the looooongest ever. Time will start moving more quickly, I promise...and then you'll be 6 weeks away from pushing a human out of your hoo ha and you'll be wishing for more time!

Here's my 2 cents on maternity clothes. Get yourself a belly band. They sell the knock off version at Target. It's a lifesaver. Maternity pants will be too big for quite some time (unless you pop like crazy early) and will fall down all the time driving you nuts! The band will buy you time in your regular pants or will help keep up the maternity ones until they fit.

Resist the urge to buy a ton of stuff all at once or you'll end up with things that don't fit by the time you're ready to wear them. Since you'll be biggest in fall and winter...I would get a few summery items like elastic waist skirts and some dresses and call it a day. I didn't buy any winter cause for me I knew it would be a waste.

I've had the best luck at Old Navy...though it sucks cause most of it is available online only. Once you figure out your size though it's easy and they offer fabulous sales with free shipping all the time!

Ashley Paige said...

yay for 10 weeks! Heather pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as clothes go. Find a GREAT pair (or two) of jeans.. I was never a fan of wearing my normal jeans, unbuttoned with a "bellaband" or any of that nonsense. I always felt like my pants were just going to fall down- plus, despite people telling you otherwise, I could ALWAYS tell my pants were unbuttoned and open. No thanks! I did invest in 2 designer pairs of jeans ($200 and $100 a pop) but truth be told, they helped make me still feel pretty (and a little sexy) through my second trimester. And they would work FAB for you through the fall season! Unfortunately, I'm now at a point where even my MATERNITY stuff isn't even fitting right. Pants are too tight (and clearly too hot for summer) and even the shirts are starting to get to be too short. But the good news is, I can pretty much just sit around naked until the end.. haha! Which I may or may not plan to do.. TMI? Perhaps.

Old Navy is great for cheap(er) things.. and staples. T-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants, etc. They run ENORMOUS though. So if you're typically a medium, you would DEFINITELY get away with a Small. Nice, right?

I've also found some great things on as well as Motherhood (again, great for STAPLES) and a Pea in the Pod (when you're looking for one or two nice(r) pieces...

Hopefully this helps! Don't fret to email to me if you have any more questions! I'd love to help another Momma out! :)

Lucy Marie said...

I am so cheap when it comes to clothes, too. I like to find things on clearance for 2.99. Unfortunately, that does not happen with maternity clothes. BUT .. I actually gave in and bought mostly higher end maternity clothes (From Thyme - which I dont think you have) because they are more likely to fit me throughout the entire pregnancy instead of having to replace them as I get huger and huger. Also, they are designed to stretch back into shape, so even if I wear it the entire 9 months, it will be back in shape to wear in the weeks following baby's birth and for subsequent pregnancies.

The Shabby Princess said...

Aw, 10 weeks!! So exciting! Am so happy for you!

Jorden and Kristin said...

I started at target in the clearance section. I got some shirts (non mat) one size up from what I usually wear and stiff that could be layered. Def buy yourself a be-band or Bella band. It makes all the difference with your too tight pants! When I went shopping for actual maternity stuff they told me to buy the same size I was pre preg. My mom said I should buy a size up an I am so glad she did because by the time I hit 30 weeks the pants were barely fitting anymore so I'm sure if I woulda bought my regular size they wouldn't have fit at all. If you want deals look online at the clearance sections of old navy, motherhood maternity an gap I found some really good deals! Oh and maxi dresses are your friend! Also, look on craigslist. There are some nasty things but my friend got an entire mat wardrobe for super cheap and it was excellent stuff!! I think that's all the advice i've got for ya!

Kristen said...

Old Navy has some fabulous maternity clothes! I would wait for awhile longer before buying any though cause you'll be frustrated when you're 9 months prego and none of your maternity clothes fit anymore! I used an elastic hair tie on my jeans for the longest time, just loop it through and call it good! :-)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

How exciting! I say get the maternity clothes as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable because the elastic waist pants are a bit of heaven. They are expensive, so be sure to get them a little big to grow into. I invested in two good pair of pants and just wore them A LOT! I bought more tops than I probably needed.

I love the book This Much Is True!

Jessi said...

Congratulations on 10 weeks. I am about to hit 15 weeks. I haven't bought anything maternity yet. Just some summer cotton dresses. But I work from home, so that helps. I will definitely be buying jeans in the next month or so and I've been told to splurge on those. (I did buy new bras at about 8 weeks. It was a must!!)