Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Finally, finally I am going to recap my Texas trip!!  Yeah!!

Matt and I flew down to Dallas on a Friday evening after work earlier this month.  The flight was nothing short of interesting as I tried a new drug said to "knock me out."  Unfortunately I could not get comfortable on the plane.  I would describe it as someone giving you a sleeping pill and then not letting you sleep.  I was miserable.  And drugged up.  So Friday = Fail.

Saturday though = BEST DAY EVER.  Want to know why?  Because I got to meet Shabby Princess!!  She's been a bloggy bestie of mine for some time now and I simply could not wait to see her face. 

No surprise, she was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  And hilarious.  Exactly like I thought she would be.  We had a lovely meal and then ended our visit with my first trip to Sprinkles!


I seriously cannot get over her cuteness.  Sad face that she does not live closer :(

The remainder of our evening was spent at a wedding for Matt's cousin.  She got married outside.  In Dallas.  In June.  It was 104.

But it was beautiful.  And Lauren was the most gorgeous bride.  Just gorgeous.

The rest of the wedding was indoors, thank goodness!  We had such a lovely time visiting with family we hardly ever get to see. 

Sunday morning we headed south!  First stop...Dublin, TX.  What's in Dublin you ask?  Well, the Dr. Pepper factory of course.  To say Matt loves Dr. Pepper is the understatement of the century.  It's definitely his go to drink....and in Dublin they make it with pure cane high fructose corn syrup here.  Apparently it's great.  Honestly, I'm not a huge fan.  Don't tell Matt, okay?

We got to take a tour of the bottling factory and hear all about the history of Dr. Pepper.  Hubs was in his element for sure!

After our quick detour, we headed down to Austin!  We saw a live show that night at The Continental Club which was really neat.  I have no idea who we saw, but Matt was into it so I was happy.  Plus they sold Doritos at the bar so this pregnant woman was pleased at punch!

We finished our night with a yummy dinner on the patio at Moonshine.  Delicious! 

Next up, Baby R. throws up in every major city in Texas.  

Just kidding.  

Well, I'm not kidding, but I'll save you those details.

For real next up....more Austin and Houston!


Adorably Distracted... said...

looks like you had a blast!

Resisting Perfection said...

What a fun trip! I would love to eat a sprinkles cupcake one day, I've heard so much about them!

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Haha, my brother would have been in 7th heaven at the DP bottling plant, he's a total addict. Those cupcakes look so good!

The Shabby Princess said...

Come back!!!! I miss you! I had such a great time with you and Matt. So glad we got to get together. I love you bunches!!

Glad you survived the wedding, it was freaking HOT. (sidenote: It still is!)

Also, can you believe I've never been to Dublin? I know! My husband is a big Dr. P fan too! He's riding in a bike race this weekend that goes through Dublin and he's hoping they hand out Dr. Pepper on the course--such a nerd.

Gah, I love you! You knew that. We need to get together again--and SOON.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I think you manage to find the cutest cupcake shops in every city you visit! If you're ever out my way I will know exaclty where to take you first! :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun. I would never wear a wedding dress in that type of weather! That is crazy!

~Haley~ said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun, I wish I could go to a Dr Pepper factory, that's my drink/addiction too!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Looks like fun! I love Sprinkles Cupcakes so much!

Lucy Marie said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun - minus baby R leaving his mark in every city you visited :(