Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet Treats!

Yesterday after I got home from work I decided that I didn't want to just nap my afternoon away as usual.  I wanted to be productive!

So what did I do, you ask?


Ha.  No.  I did anything and everything to keep myself too busy to pack of course.

I baked these!

Pecan Pie Muffins!  Oh my.  Warm, goodness with a little bit of butter right out of the oven.  Heaven.  Breakfast...down!

Next I made these!

Snickerdoodle Blondies!  Wow.  Clearly I didn't take a picture before we got into these.  Imagine the moistest snickerdoodle you have ever had, but in a bar form.  I personally had mine with some vanilla ice cream on top.  Yum!  Dessert...done!

Finally, I prepped a pasta dish that was ready to put into the oven right when Matt got home from work.  AND, cleaned up my entire mess in the kitchen.  Basically it looked like I hadn't done anything, but it smelled like I had done something amazing!

It felt good to do something productive after work, especially with such yummy results :)  What shall I do today I wonder??  Hm.

I'll probably nap.

Baking takes it out of me!

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Adorably Distracted... said...

yum they look amazing!! And I love snickerdoodle cookies

ty said...


5th Belle Avenue said...

I think it's safe to say your energy (or at least more of it) is back!! Awesome!

Tiffany said...

Oh my had me at pecan pie muffins...

Then you did me in with snickerdoodle blondies...YUM!

Anonymous said...

Looks so good! I love pecan anything!

Lucy Marie said...


Brittany Ann said...

You're super wife! Pregnant, dinner, baking, and a cleaned kitchen? IMPRESSIVE!

Happiness Is... said...

I could totally use a snickerdoodle right now. Yummmmm.

Tatiana said...

Yum! I've been on desert kick myself lately! I just had two nice slices of apple pie :-)

d.a.r. said...

Oh dear goodness....yum!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

mmm those all look amazing! thanks for sharing!

also, i notice you are from the indy area. i went to butler- we were practically neighbors. :)