Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Natalie and I are taking our very first trip back to Indy this weekend.  We're going to a wedding of one of my besties from college.  Unfortunately since Matt is out of town, I'll be making the drive by myself.

Five hours in a car with a 4 month old. 

Not necessarily something I would choose to do by myself.  At least not for her first trip.

I'm pretty nervous about how she'll do.  Little Miss is so funny about the car.  Sometimes she's a peach.  And other times, she screams whenever I stop.  Stop lights.  Stop signs.  Waiting to turn.  Screaming!  But once I start again...she's fine.  I'm optimistic since this trip is 85% interstate...she'll sleep for most of the trip.

My plan is to wake her up a little early so she will (fingers crossed!) go back to sleep in the car and sleep for a few hours.  Then we can stop, eat, and perhaps she'll sleep again??  Ha!  That's what I'm worried about.  That second leg.  Hm.

So anyone traveled a long distance in the car with an infant before?  Got any tips for this new mama?  Can't you just hear her screaming her little lungs for hours?  Oh dear.  I'm making myself nervous.  And I haven't even mentioned packing for a princess who spits up every hour.  Eek!


Sonja said...

I've only traveled to Orlando (2hours) by myself with K. She slept most of the time until on the way back when she was hungry so I had to pull off 95 and feed her haha I'd just bring plenty of clothes and plenty of prepared bottles! It makes feeding her easier!
For some reason K likes Bruno Mars hahaha so that helps sometimes lol

Good luck! You can do it! I'll be praying for a smooth & safe ride.

We are probably going to KY later this year btw! If you want to get together again! :)

Danielle said...

My advice is to leave RIGHT at naptime when she is getting super tired. This is what we do. Then, even if we're driving over a meal time, if he is sleeping, we don't stop. When he wakes, we'll stop. I would suggest you just let her sleep even if it is time to eat! :) Good luck. I so very much remember the screaming when the car stops.

Lucy Marie said...

The longest we've done is 5 hours when we went to Michigan when she was 7 weeks old. But, I had Evan with me. The longest I've gone by myself is 2 hous. I agree with Danielle - leave when she's sleepy and keep on driving ... even if she should be eating. DON'T STOP and jinx yourself.

Kristen said...

we drove 13 hours with Riley when he was 3 months old, he did ok. Will probably be easier for you if you're still breast feeding, then you can just find a stop and instantly feed her instead of having to find a place to warm up a bottle, etc.... good luck and have a great weekend!

Happiness Is... said...

We took Thatcher to the beach for Easter and it was 4/5 hours.

We left right after he went down for a "nap" and then he slept for a good 2-3 hours. Then we stopped, gave him some fresh air and food and changed his diaper. He was happy the rest of the way :)

He also loves the Imagination Movers, which I just blogged about - does music soothe her? You can play that if it does.