Thursday, May 12, 2011

Remember When I Made Cakes?

I know?  Me either.

I always thought when I stopped working and was home all day with Natalie it would be so super easy to start making cakes all the time.  I would be home...therefore of course have all the time in the world...everything would be easy peasy...and I would be making money on top of doing something I loved!


Although I can see it in her eyes that Natalie really wants to help me with my cake decorating endeavors, the girl has no skills.  Her frosting technique leaves much to be desired.  So I am forced to work on these little puppies after she goes to bed.  In other words, I had more time to work on cakes when I was working full time.

I was an idiot.

But last week a sweet friend of mine from playgroup asked me to make a cake for her son and I jumped at the chance.  A new client!  Something to do that involves making icing!  I'm in!

The request was for a dump truck cake and pirate cupcakes.  Quite a weird combo if you ask me...but here's what we settled on:





I thought everything turned out really well.  Those pirates took freaking forever...but I was really happy with them.  It was my first time working with fondant on the cupcakes and creating a design so there's only better things to come!


The Shabby Princess said...

Shut up!! Jenny, those look AMAZING! That cake is out of control! Amazing!

melissa said...

HOLY COW! I thought at first those were your inspiration pictures. Those came out amazing. I am so impressed! You are so talented lady!

Happiness Is... said...

Those are awesome!

You know what's funny - I get way more done now that I am back at work full-time. Weird. I think being at home gives you the false impression that you have "all day" and then it just disappears. That's what happened to me anyway!

Jess said...

Awesome blog! Please stop by and follow me at and feel free to link up with Friendly Friday Follow too :)

Danielle said...

Wow, they look fabulous! I, like you, make cakes/cupcakes in my spare time, and oh my word, it is TOUGH with a baby. I feel you!!! :)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh wow, so cute! I love the pirates on the cupcakes!