Thursday, January 12, 2012

11 month post...almost a month late. Almost!!

Well, since you turn one year old on Sunday, Mama figured she'd better hurry up and get your 11 month post done.  Sorry for the delay sweet girl.  It's much more fun to play with you than to write about it.  But I'll try to be better!

Some highlights from this month:

  • You have 6 teeth that have given you practically zero problems.  So thankful for that little one!
  • Mama's still squeezing you into size 3 diapers even though you are definitely in a size 4.  I need to finish the package!
  • Started cruising on the are super fast!  But you like to chew on the end tables and have left teeth marks on them.  Not cool little one.  Not cool.
  • Super into reading books...okay really just looking at them and chewing on them...but you love them nonetheless
  • Stood on your own for approximately 5 seconds!
  • We've dropped an afternoon nursing session leaving us with just 3 total a day
  • You had your first babysitter who even put you to bed and said you were great!  We love her.
  • You've discovered door stoppers and are obsessed with them.  I was okay with this until you took off the top and put it in your mouth.  No way sweet girl.  Gone.
  • Your daddy and I joke about your "path of destruction" you leave wherever you go.  He can always tell where you were when he gets home from work.  You're into everything you can get your hands on and put every miniscule thing on the floor into your mouth.  How you spot those specks of lint even the vacuum leaves I have no idea.
  • You spent Thanksgiving in Indy with your family and finally met Mook the dog.  Boy you loved him!  You laughed and laughed when he licked you and it was the cutest thing. 
  • Near the end of the month you saw Santa and were so nonchalant about the whole experience.  You just looked at him like, "What's up!?" and then continued to chew on Sophie.  Love it!

Clearly you're a fan of chewing.....

I love you so much sweet girl and it has been my joy to watch you grow these last 11 months.  I look forward to so many more celebrations of your achievements.  I cannot wait to see the little person you become.  

Love, Mama


Lucy Marie said...

Yay for 11 months. And how lucky that her teeth haven't been an issue.

Kat said...

SO precious! I can't believe she is going to be 1 on Sunday! Ours will be one next Sunday

Crispin said...

omg i cant believe its been a year!!!!! Happy Bday Sweet Girl!!!