Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends!  So sorry I disappeared from the blog world.  It wasn’t particularly intentional, but I was going through one of those periods where I felt forced to blog rather than really wanting to blog, you know? 

Well, I’m back and feeling refreshed!  Perhaps the coming of the new year has renewed my spirit?  Not sure, but I’m going with it!

I have a lot of goals and aspirations for 2012.  My sweet baby girl turns 1 in just 12 short days, weight loss is always an issue, and my spiritual walk needs some serious work…just to name a few.  Want to follow along with this crazy journey I call my life?  Stick around!

P.S.  You'll get a steady stream of pictures of Natalie.  That's enough, right?  Girl holds my whole heart...


Kat said...

awww mine is turning 1 in under 20 days and I have no idea what to even do with myself

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Happy New Year! Can't believe Natalie is already going to be one! Time flies!