Wednesday, November 30, 2011


1.  I have never left my child with a babysitter.

Now hear me out.  I have left her before.  Matt puts her to bed when I have a meeting, she's stayed with my in laws for almost an entire day, she goes to the nursery at the gym almost every day.  It's not like girl is attached to my hip.  Well, she kind of is.  I mean, she has to be if I want to take her anywhere, right?

But this month I have been invited to several holiday celebrations.  And my dear, sweet husband is in trial out of town and will be gone practically all month.  Not to mention the fact that we have no family within 350 miles of us. 

It was time.

I hit up my favorite mommy friends and got some recommendations.  I have an official babysitter scheduled for Thursday evening and I'm throwing her in head first by having her put Natalie to bed.  Ha!  Should be interesting considering I'm still nursing and girl thrives on her nighttime routine.  But I've got to start somewhere. 

2.  I have no idea what to get my father for Christmas.  Really, I never do.  He's so not the typical dad.  You know the kind that golfs, grills, or needs office supplies?  Nope.  Not Pops.  He more sits, drinks beer, and watches sports.  And I have gotten him enough sports memorabilia that is collecting dust.  Ideas?

3.   My Christmas tree is still sitting in the middle of my family room with no lights or ornaments on it.  It's in this weird, leaning position and I have not been able to fix it myself so I am waiting until Matt has 0.2 seconds so he can help.  I will have the lights up this week.  I WILL!

4.  I'm not a fan of bath time.  There.  I said it.  It's completely out of pure laziness as Natalie really likes the bath and is no trouble at all.  But if it was socially acceptable to bathe your child once I week, I'd be all over that.  For now, I'll stick with every other day. 

5.  I tried a new recipe for cookies yesterday to send for a cookie exchange.  I'm pretty sure I messed up measuring how much flour I was supposed to use because the cookies spread like WHOA.  I mean, like WHOA.  But they still tasted good so I sent them anyway.  There was no way I was going to go out to the store to get more ingredients to make something else.  And like I said, they still tasted good.  Karma's probably going to screw me and I'll receive some gross thumbprint cookies with fruit in the middle.  Ick.  Give me chocolate.


katy said...

What about giving your dad a few month membership to beer-of-the-month club? It's fun, consumable and won't collect dust! You can wrap it up with a 6 pack under the tree. :) just a thought...our family loves these gifts! Happy shopping!

Lora said...

Gah, the dad gift thing. We have NO idea what to get my dad either. We're going with a gift card to a local restaurant I think. Not terribly original but we can only give so many music memorabilia stuff...

If I lived near you I'd totally babysit. But you'll have a great sitter and Natalie will LOVE her :-) Enjoy your parties!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Mmm...the cookies still sound good. :) That has happened to me before and we still ate 'em anyway. ;-)