Thursday, November 3, 2011

Randomness for Your Thursday

  • Until last week, I hadn't done a cake since May.  On Monday I got three new orders in addition to a wedding I'm doing this weekend.  Holy cake overload people!
  • The wedding we are going to on Saturday is for one of my college roommates.  I haven't seen since I got married.  I'm crazy excited to watch her get married and introduce her to Natalie!
  • Matt's working from home today so I can go to the eye doctor.  Last week I went to put my new contacts in (I wear 2 week disposables) and realized that I somehow had 4 contacts of one eye left and none of the other.  I've been wearing different prescriptions in my eyes for a week and it is not fun.
  • I'm also going to get a new pair of glasses.  I've had the same pair since high school and they are kind of jank and broken.  But I only wear them from the bathroom to my bed at night and in emergency situations so I haven't felt the need to get new ones.  But it's time.
  • Natalie is playing this new game where she holds her hands and puts them on her forehead over her eyes and it looks like she's hiding.  I look around all over for her and say, "Where'd Natalie go?" over and over until she lets lifts her hands up.  Then I say, "There she is!"  I know this doesn't sound entertaining, but she thinks it's the best game ever.
  • Especially when she's supposed to be eating.  And knocks the spoon out of my hands.
  • I'm working on dropping one of our afternoon nursing sessions and incorporating more solid food into Natalie's diet at lunch and dinner.  I'm not eliminating the milk all together, as I'm still offering it to her in a sippy cup.  But she only drank two ounces yesterday.  Hm.  I cannot figure her out.
  • Speaking of solid food, it stresses me out.  She's a pretty good eater, except for the gross veggies, and I really can't blame her there.  But how am I supposed to know how much she's supposed to eat?  Is she still hungry?  What else could I be giving her?  I feel like she eats the same things all the time and it's totally boring.  Ideas?
  • When I was meal planning this week, I noticed I accidentally scheduled some sort of enchiladas two days in a row.  And I didn't change it.
  •  It seems like the whole country is freezing and getting snow and for once in my life Cleveland is...dare I say it...nice!?!  Like in the 50s and not raining!  Just beautiful.


Courtney S. said...

I am in the same situation with my glasses. Mine totally broke a couple months ago and I have been living in my contacts from the second I get up to the second I close my eyes for the night. I only wear my glasses late at night so I have been trying to live without them as long as possible, but I think I am going to have to break down very soon and just get new ones. So mad about it because I just got new lenses last year and probably won't be able to reuse them in the new glasses as they were made to fit the old frames :( Also, Detroit has been the same way with weather and it has been awesome!

Lora said...

i would leave the enchiladas too :D

Lucy Marie said...

So .. when I was reading your post my eyes went all blurry and this is what I read "When I was putting my contacts in I realized I had 6 IN one left eye).

Bahaha. I thought you put 6 contacts in your eye without realizing it. I was going to drive down there and take your child out of your arms for fear of her safety.