Monday, November 7, 2011

2 Cakes and a Wedding

Y'all.  Last week was insane.  I had two cakes due.  Two.  Throw in an infant and you have a very full week.  Did I mention we were also going out of town for a wedding over the weekend?  Yeah.  Insert major stress.

But it's over!  Wait.  I have to make 300+ cookies for an event this Friday you say?  Oh yeah.

Let's skip that right now, okay?  

The first cake I made was for a former co-worker of mine.  Her son was having his first birthday over the weekend and they were doing a New York themed party.  Her husband works in New York during the week and then comes home on weekends so they are in the city quite a bit visiting.  Here's what we came up with.


My next cake was a groom's cake for one of my roomies from college.  It was a surprise for her husband so I was determined to rock it out on this one.  She didn't want it too big as her wedding cake was enormous so we decided on a tool box for her handy man.

This was the set up at the wedding.  If you can't tell, the cake board for her wedding cake is a log.  Isn't that the coolest touch ever?  They had the reception in some middle of nowhere town surrounded by cornfields and it was so gorgeous and so her.  

Forgive me for not getting many pictures.  Someone was being little miss fussy pants as it was way past Natalie's bed time.  But I did get a few of her and her pops at the wedding.

So excited to be there....

After we ate and raided the candy buffet at the reception we were outta there.  Funny how weddings with a baby are so different.  No drinking, no dancing, just surviving.  Good thing she's cute, huh?  

We did get a change to snuggle 3 month old twins of a friend during dinner which was uber fun and totally gave me the baby fever.  But then Natalie started fussing and the thought of having to deal with two on my own closed my uterus back up in a jiffy.


Shannon Dew said...

Girl these cakes are AMAZE!!! You did a great job!

Lora said...

Beautifully done! We had a good friend make our cake, and I was so much happier (a) supporting her and (b) knowing that we TRULY shopped local! :D I'll totally be using her for parties, etc, as time goes on.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

You rocked those cakes!! Gorgeous! And I feel ya on the baby fever. Something usually brings me back to reality though!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love that city cake!! So cute!