Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Months!

Sweet girl, how in the world are you 10 months old?  I mean, in two months you will be a whole year!  I cannot believe you have been with us longer than you were in my belly.  You have changed our lives drastically for sure but have brought so much love into our world.  Your daddy and I are thankful for you every single day.


You spent a lot of this month fighting a runny nose.  It seemed as soon as we got it under control...back it came.  Although you've come to really hate Boogie Wipes, you really do handle the congestion like a champ.  We had a few rough nights but who can really blame you when you can't catch a breath?  Plus, more snuggles for me!

We took our very first lunch date together at Panera!  I'm not sure why we haven't done this before but we were out and about and I was hungry so I decided it was time.  It made me so happy to be out with you and think about how many more lunches we'll share as you get older.  Me and my daughter.  Insert heart swell. 

You made up a new game where you hold your little hands on your forehead and pretend I can't see you.  It's our own version of peek-a-boo.  I act like I can't find you anywhere and when you finally bring your hands down I say, "There she is!" and you get so excited.  We do this in your high chair all the time.  Speaking of your high chair, you're a good little eater but you're easily distracted.  With this game as well as trying to get the shadows on your tray from the spoon or your hands.  But you're eating three great meals a day including veggies, fruit, chicken, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and yummy muffins.  You're perhaps also tasted McDonald's french fries.  And a nugget.

You've learned how to get from sitting to crawling!  It took a little coaxing by your Grandad but once you figured out how to do it you wasted no time mastering it.  Now you're completely mobile.  I can't trust you anywhere!  And the hardwood doesn't even contain your crazy anymore as you are no longer staying on just the carpet.  Floor food is becoming an issue.  Do I really have to sweep every day?  Because that is jut not going to happen.

Your favorite place to be in the world is upside-down.  A smile is plastered on your face whenever you do it.  And once we start, you don't want to stop.  You fling yourself backwards and we really have to watch because it's pretty dangerous the way you fall backwards. 

A couple big events this month...your very first Halloween!  You were a ballerina and had several opportunities to wear your costume your Grandmer made you.  We went trick-or-treating with your besties and you did a good job of getting some candy for Mommy and Daddy.  We've also transitioned from using a bottle to a sippy cup.  You still haven't quite mastered tipping your head back to get at the milk, but you're drinking much better out of this than out of the bottle.  We replaced an afternoon nursing session with the sippy for a while but Mommy quickly realized her milk stash was going to run out so you're back on the boob for now.  But the sippy's there when we need it.

Although you can't yet pull up on things, when I stand you up on the furniture you are walking all over the place.  You get a lot of practice with your Leap Frog table as it moves on the carpet.  I'm so impressed at how well you are able to maneuver around the room.  I just know you'll be taking steps soon.  You're so brave!

You've pretty much given up going back to sleep after your morning nursing session which has actually turned into a good thing.  Your usual 30-45 minute morning nap is now a fairly consistent hour and a half.  Mommy thanks you!

You took one trip this month to Indiana for a wedding.  It was a quick trip...good thing because you were not such a fan of the hotel sleeping.  I'm sure our neighbors were not thrilled.  Weird how daddy's can sleep through it though, huh?

You had two friends come over this month to play whilst Mommy watched all of you.  Lucky for your Daddy, this bought him at least another year before a sibling will even be talked about.  You're enough work for now sweet cheeks.

I love you sweet girl.  I love your sweet little feet even though they smell like feet.  I love the fact that you are so happy in the mornings.  I love your happy kicky dance you do when you see me.  I love the smile you get on your face when Daddy comes home.  I love when I tell you no and you smile and do it anyways.  I just love you.  Love you to the moon and back my love.  

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Lucy Marie said...

She! is! a! girl! A big big girl. Oh my goodness ... where is BABY NATALIE?!?!