Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oxygen Mask

Lately I've been in a weight loss rut.  I've been yo-yoing the entire month of October and it's so frustrating.  I find myself super motivated one day and then not caring one bit the next.  Or even bouncing between these two extremes in the same day!  Like in the morning I'm awesome...but by the evening I'm searching for any trace of chocolate we have in the house.

I'm trying hard to get my motivation back.  For starters I try to get to the gym four times a week.  It's been a little difficult lately as we've been out of town so much and Natalie keeps getting sick.  But I really do better when I have that time at the gym.

I attended a spinning class on Monday where the instructor spoke about the hour as being our oxygen mask.  She said we needed to use that hour to refuel ourselves so we could be better able to give to our loved ones the rest of the day.  Kind of like the oxygen mask on the airplane.  You're supposed to put your own on before you help someone else, right?  Well, same concept here.  We give and give all day long and need that time to better ourselves.  It's not selfish.  It's necessary.

That concept really struck me.  I do feel like I give all day long and have very little time for myself.  Now, I chose to give.  I want to give.  I'm called to give.  But it can be draining day after day.  I'm thankful for that time I get at the gym to sweat it out and really concentrate on myself for a change.  Natalie is always so good in the nursery so I am finding myself worrying less and less about how she is and what she's doing and more about working out harder. 

Spinning has become my thing.  It's my time to push myself.  To prove to myself that I can do this.  I need it.  And although it's the most difficult thing I've ever done, I crave it.  Hoping it can be the push I need to get back in the game.

What's your thing?


Lora said...

i apparently need to find my thing :-) I think the problem is I get bored easily, so my "thing" keeps switching. For awhile it was my boss's eliptical. Perhaps I need to just get back on until it becomes my thing?

I dunno. Sigh. :-)

melissa said...

I miss spinning! I put my gym membership on hold at about 4 months preg - I need to go start it back up again. I know I have to but I hate the idea of spending any time away from B when I go back to work. I feel like my time with her will already be so short. But I have to get back into my clothes. I can't buy a whole new wardrobe. Gah.

I'm so glad you found your thing and that you're loving spinning!