Monday, August 17, 2009

A Book/Movie Extravaganza!

This weekend was jam packed with fun...but we did a lot of relaxing too! Aren't those just the best weekends!?!

Friday evening, I talked Matt into checking out a local church carnival in search of elephant ears. They are my weakness. I know, I know, I'm dieting. But I NEVER get to have these...and it's the only time I screwed up all week! And one can't hurt, right? And I split it's really like I hardly even ate one, right? And they totally skimped on the cinnamon and that's practically 0 points, right? Thought so!

By the way...I was totally shocked to find out these delicious treats now cost $5! What!?! I was outraged! And it ALMOST stopped me from getting one. Almost.

Friday evening I busted my way through the last half of My Sister's Keeper. I don't know what got into me. I just couldn't seem to stop reading. I must admit, though, it was more about getting done than loving the book so much I couldn't put it down. Don't get me wrong, I think the book is worth reading...and the story was quite the thinker...but for some reason...I completely had the ending figured out before it happened so the shock factor was lost on me. I have heard the ending in the movie is different, so I think it will be a Netflix rental in my future.

Saturday we hit up the grocery and then I dragged my dear, dear husband to see The Time Traveler's Wife. I was completely excited for weeks to see I just finished the book not long ago. Truthfully, I was just disappointed. The movie was SO different than the book and there was a significant amount of material left out...integral story lines I thought were important and made the book so great. It was extremely hard for me to separate the movie from the book...and poor Matt had to listen to me throughout the entire movie saying, "That's not what happened in the book..." I was even annoying myself! And it's all I could talk about afterward. I owe that boy something really great after that.

But what did I expect? Of course they were going to leave things out...I knew that. I also know that books are traditionally better than their movie counterparts...but I was still let down.

So now I'm torn. I can't even tell you if I would've liked the movie without reading the book first. Probably. But now what do I do? Do I read the books before the movies and risk ruining the movie...or see the movie first and know what's going to happen in the book before I read it?? What do you ladies recommend?

My Saturday was not all I spent the remainder of my evening scaring myself silly watching old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark on YouTube. I can't remember what started this...but I ended up staying up to see midnight because I couldn't sleep. That freaking ghost that wrote HELP ME on the wall through the mirror was creepy!

Sunday was the laziest day of all time and it was lovely. We watched golf and I started reading Pretty in Plaid. I decided I needed a light-hearted read after my last book.

We ended the evening with a little cookout for two. I love when Matt comes inside smelling like the grill. It's pretty much my favorite thing.

And now it's Monday again...and I'm back to thinking about work...working out...and dieting. Something needs to change!


Elise said...

Hello, what a lovely blog you have here. Heavenly header too ! I've so enjoyed reading your posts and looking through your pictures - you are so very talented.

Thank you so much and best wishes

littlesack said...

dont you feel like your life is on repeat somtimes--
wake up, work out, work, eat sensible, worry about points, sleep. repeat!!!

my sisters keeper was the first Jodi picoult I read. it sucks you in and then leaves you wanting more-- im still not sure how I feel about her and ive read a lot of her books. I find them really well written and twisting, but generally utterly depressing. anyways--glad you switched to a more light hearted read next.

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Hmmm? What are elephant ears? At first I thought were talking about the plant. LOL.

Tasha said...

I SO want an elephant ear now. Yum! I just read Time Traveler's Wife and am debating about seeing the movie. I heard it wasn't great from a couple of other people too. Bummer because I love Rachel McAdams and Eric Banna! I liked the movie for My Sister's Keeper better than the book (which is very odd for me). The movie seemed more believable to me. The ending of the book was just too crazy.

Glad you had a great weekend!!!

Lindsey said...

Ohh those elephant ears look AMAZING!!!

New England Girl said...

Those elephant ears look so scrumptious! YUM! And you totally are spot on with that they hardly count, especially if you split one AND they scrimped on cinnamon and sugar. :)

I'm sad to hear you were disappointed by The Time Travelers Wife. I am SO looking forward to this, but then again, I haven't read the book so I don't really know what to expect. In response to your question, I don't know how to combat the book vs. movie problem. I usually have read books before seeing the movies, but I somehow block out the book version and try to at least enjoy the movie... although there have been some huge disappointments. I really don't know what can be done about this! I'd be an advocate for continuing to read the books beforehand though... they're so fantastic in written form. :)

Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Baker's Cakes said...

Is an elephant ear like fried dough? I'd probably pay $5 for fried dough, I think the southern equivalent is funnel cake.... Mmmm now I'm hungry!

Annie said...

i don't know what an elephant ear is either....i know what a funnel cake is but it looks totally different than that pic. i'm from the north, looks like they have funnel cakes in the south too.
i would love some greasy carnival/fair food! i tried to get some as well on saturday night, thanks to the rain i got nothing!
i don't know now whether to read the book time traveler's wife or just see the movie...hmmmm.

a H.I.T. said...

What are elephant ears? They look like apple fritters.

I've heard alot about TTW, but decided that since I don't really remember the book, I'll probably enjoy the movie. I'll have to let you know if it is the book that makes it suck or if it really does suck.

Ashley said...

What in the world are elephant ears because they look delicious!? And yes, i agree, if they skimped on the sugar, you can totally count it as 0 points. thats always my theory (when i'm being good and actually counting points).

I love to read so I love your posts about different books!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Great weekend! Umm those elephant ears look amazing! I like the idea of reading the book before the movie, we just haven't been watching many movies (so I've been reading diff books) and then others I keep saying, wait I want to read the book first. Soon, ha!

Brittany Ann said...

Warning: If you didn't like what they changed in Time Traveler's..Sister's Keeper is worse. Loved the book so much it ruined the movie, as you said.

Lucy Marie said...

I am afraid that I may have perhaps planted your desire for an elephant ear when I posted about beaver tails at the zoo. Unfortunately, yours does not have nutella on it and therefore, it not as good. Although the ones here are 6.00. That sucks.

I wasn't shocked about my sister's keeper either - I had it figured out. Be prepared to be disappointed in that movie too, though. I haven't seen it yet but I've heard that it is VERY different and that some of the characters in the book aren't even in the movie and other characters are completely different.

I just started Time Traveller's Wife a few days ago. I know I will hate the movie. I am always so excited to watch the movies that are made from books and then always hate them. I know what you meant about always saying to your hubby "That didn't happen ..." I do that ALL the time with the harry potter movies because he only watches the movies and I read the books and watch the movies.

PinkSass said...

The books are always better than the movies. I've heard a lot of people say the same thing about the Time Travelers wife as you did. I'll still see it though just because I love the book so much.