Friday, October 2, 2009

Are You Flashing Me?

Road rage.

I don't consider myself to have a huge amount of road rage.  I'm quite the defensive driver actually, maybe to a fault, always looking out for the other person.  I will yell occasionally in the car when someone won't move out of the left lane to let me pass or when it takes more than 5 seconds for the car in front of me to realize the light is green...but I rarely show my anger to other drivers.  I have a strict no honking rule unless it is life or death and I have never flashed my brights at someone to move over.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and just work around their stupidity like I would want them to do for me. 

Oh, and I also use cruise like it is my job.  Seriously.  Like on city streets I set the cruise.  I love to know exactly how fast I am going at all times.  It helps me not to speed, a wee little problem I had in my younger days, and I find it helpful in keeping my speed consistent.

But this morning, I almost let road rage get the best of me.  It was pouring down rain, as it has been for the last week, and I was in the left lane trying to make my way by the slew of cars driving "old person slow."  There was a car in front of me going slower than I was making me turn off my cruise (pet peeve)....but did I get mad?  No.  I was just driving along, minding my own business, when this crazy person comes up behind me and starts flashing their brights!  Okay, what the heck do you expect me to do??  I can't get over and there is a car in front of me!  What is the freaking purpose of flashing your brights at me?

So I get over as soon as I can and the car goes speeding by me, cuts me off, and then swerves back into the left lane cutting off the car that was going slow.  Let me tell you, I had my fingers on the brights...poised and ready to flash my little heart out...but then I stopped.  I took a breath and said, "Self, you are better than this loser."  So I didn't.

I also deal with a crazy blue van that I see a few times a week that has the worst driver ever.  At first I thought it was just cutting me off, but then I watched it one day and it did it to every person it passed.  And like dangerously cutting people having to slam on the brakes cutting people off.  Many times I've thought about following this van to its destination and confronting the driver.  Not that I'd ever do that in a million years, but I honestly just think this person does not know the rules of the road.  There is no other explanation.  Can people really be this reckless on a daily basis?

I know everyone deals with crazy I want to hear your stories!  And do you suffer from stifled road rage like I do, or do you let it out!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Shaina said...

UGH. Stuff like this drives me CRAZY. DC drivers are the worst ever, I swear. I became such an incredibly defensive driver living there...and then had to totally calm myself down after we moved to Indiana. I used to have to use my horn all the time in DC too, which I hate.

Once time, Matt had to work in Charlotte, NC, and I went with him to visit my friends who live there. We got to drive the G-ride down there (i.e. government suburban), complete with lights and sirens. We sped the entire way, and when we got stuck behind a slow car, Matt would blip the siren at them to move over. It was the best drive of my life. :)

Dollface said...

so LLAMA... she likes to honk the horn, she literally honks it for minutes after a car has already passed, went grocery shopping and went home, she will still be honking at them!! Me, i prefer the road rage of public transportation, haha xxxoo

Anonymous said...

I could go on for HOURS on all the stupid stuff I've seen and all the things I have yelled at other drivers.

Alaska is getting more and more populated with new drivers that have never driven in snow.

They drive like there's no ice or snow!
I was driving the 50 mile stretch of highway from Anchorage to Wasilla and counted 35 cars in ditches and have seen a lot of them go in the ditch personally.

I wish people would just friggin' slow down and pay attention so they don't run into me or I run into them when they lose control!

A Journey Through the Waiting Game said...

I'm not one for road rage either, but I HATE when people drive with their brights on! And when people don't know how to merge on the interstate!

Lucy Marie said...

Road rage and I have a pretty bad history together. It just drives me nuts when some people are so so so stinkin' stupid!!!!!!!!!

Sonja said...

I will not lie I think I have the worst road rage! Jacksonville is full of horrible drivers and jerks!

I've followed someone before when they almost sideswiped me and when I comfronted her she had no idea what she was doing. She looked like a deer in headlights because she didn't expect someone to confront her stupidity!

I would never flash my lights at someone or ride someones bumper though. I just yell in my car lol
oh but I do love my horn when needed! LOL

Brittany Ann said...

That would drive me nuts. Sometimes I wish cars were expendable, so I could bump them, hit them a little (without hurting anyone) just to wake them up to their stupid drivinG!

Lindsey said...

OMG drives. me. crazy. So frustrating!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

you are so much better than i am. i am happy that i no longer drive and only take the subway.

have a happy and safe weekend.

lola said...

I am not the best with my road rage. I'll be curious to see how I am when I get my car back after I'm out of DC. For the most part though, I've found my old habits die hard!

New England Girl said...

I actually wrote a whole post about stuff like this! Putting it up in a few days... bad/crazy drivers make me insane!

Ashley said...

I do the same thing! I yell at other drives who arent even effecting me at all!! :)

I left an award for you on my blog!

Beth Dunn said...

I get road rage--a lot less now that I don't live in a place with tons of traffic. I could kill some drivers. But then I just try to stay out of their way.



Krystyna Lizabeth. said...

i dont have road rage, people are just bad drivers!

and i love cruise control. best.invention.ever.

Kerree said...

I am so glad to hear this story. I sometimes think they have dumped all the crazy drivers into my neighbourhood and everyone else in the world is driving around in peaceful bliss. I have total road rage. I'm sick of everyone on the roads and if I could run them all off the road and get away with it, I would! I must flip off a dozen people just driving to the shop which is only 5km away. I have so many stories its not even funny and at least 5 - 10 get added each day.