Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Wear or Not to Wear

There are a lot of things to think about when training to walk 60 miles.

What shoes should I wear?

How about socks?

Should I carry a water bottle with me?

Where can I find a pretty pink sports bra?

You know.  Important things like that.

So my newest concern is this:  What kind of underwear do I wear to walk 20 miles a day?

Yes, I'm going to write a post about underwear.

I've been struggling to answer this question for several weeks now.  And so far all I've come up with is a pile of underwear NOT to wear. And I've only walked a maximum of 7 miles so far. 

I have a problem.

Thongs are not comfortable...and leave me looking over my shoulder in secluded neighborhoods to make sure no cars are coming so I can nonchalantly dig the material out of my butt.  I know.  It's not pretty.  And my regular underwear just gets all bunchy.  Plus I have these cute pink capri pants I wear and you can totally see right through the material giving spectators a clear view of my colorful undergarments.

I need help.  And the neighborhood children who have been scarred for life need help too.

Any suggestions??


d.a.r. said...


I have to admit to going commando when I run. All of my running shorts have fabulous liners in them, though....I don't know if you are still shopping for stuff to wear, but you may wanna check them out. I know that Nike makes LOTS of pink running shorts :)

April said...

I agree ... get some good shorts with a liner, and ditch the undies. At 18.5 miles, the last thing you're going to want to be doing is digging for fabric...

Lucy Marie said...

Yes. You need to wear socks. Find a good pair of breathable socks.And YES you NEED to carry a water bottle with you. You need to be drinking constantly and consistently throughout the days, not just at the rest stops. Try to find a little pack type thing with a spot for a water bottle, that is what I used. And the underwear thing -- girl I can't help you. I just pick those wedgies regardless of who can see me.

Kristen said...

absolutely no thong!!! Commando?

The Shabby Princess said...

I wear Hanes boyshorts when I run (yes, even the marathons). Even though shorts have built in liners, I am not OK with that for me personally. The boyshorts don't ride up, don't give lines and stay put. I like 'em!

USCEmily said...

My favorite socks I wear when running are Thorlo running socks. I have both the ones for women and the unisex ones and they are so comfortable. Your shoes don't eat them (with all of my other socks this happens) and they are breathable. They are pricey, but definitely worth it!

Tasha said...

First of all, tell me more about this 60 mile walk! Sounds like fun! :-)

I just got some amazing Nike running undies at Academy... actually they look more like bike shorts but without the padding. I wear them under my shorts and they are my favorite thing in the world! Super comfy!

Are there water stops along the way on your 60 miles? If not, check out your local bike store for something called a hydro pack or camel back. It's a water reservoir that is like a backpack. It would be very comfy for walking.

My favorite shoes for running are the Mizuno wave riders. Feet, meet fluffy clouds of cushion. :-)

Baker's Cakes said...

Girl, I've run thousands of miles and here's my advice: no underwear. All sports clothing has built in liners, so they're not necessary and just make for BAD chaffing. Also invest in Body Glide (available at all running stores and probably big box sporting goods stores too). And put it EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. Good Luck!!!

New England Girl said...

Everyone's comments have been great... but! if you can't get over the no undies thing, check out Under Armour. On long races/runs, I used to go commando until I discovered UA's line of undies. They're breathable, avoid cotton at all costs and are hardly noticeable. It's to each his own, but I find them to be a good option. I know Nike has some and Cloudveil also has some selections. UA will also have the pretty pink sports bra you're seeking. :)

Look into a camelpak or a hydration belt. You will NEED to definitely have water with you. Camel's are compact and hardly noticeable and they come in a wide variety of colors so you can coordinate ;) Plus, you really get what you pay for.

Look into some Body Glide like Baker's Cakes said. This is a necessity. Chaffing is THE WORST and it will make you miserable when it starts to happen. Carry it with you and reapply if necessary.

I don't know what kind of shoes you wear, but my Asics have never let me down. They're affordable and super comfortable.

You're going to be awesome! Pink sports bra and all. :)

Brittany Ann said...

I see two options in your future...

1. NONE. I have done it before, and I have to say, it works assuming things aren't too sheer in the crotch area of your pants.

2. Body fitting, seamless undies (some of which are actually marketed as fitness underwear.) Those should give you minimal lines and stick-to-it coverage!

Shaina said...

I have to echo everyone else - I go commando when I'm running in shorts with great liners. Another great option would be some fancy, seamless underoos from an outdoors store - I know Patagonia makes good, breatheable, seamless panties. And I'm sure several other fancypants brands make them too.