Friday, May 22, 2009

I Need Rest!

I took a much needed day off of exercising yesterday to get my house in order for the in-laws' arrival this evening. I opened up the windows, put on some music, and proceeded to clean the entire house! Okay, okay, I cleaned the areas they would see. My bedroom as well as my bathroom were not touched. But, I did actually sweep and mop the kitchen, clean off the cabinets, sweep all of the hardwood floors, vacuum, and put ALL of our clothes away. Don't you feel so great when your house is clean!?! And it was so nice to have the doors and windows open! It was simply beautiful yesterday.

I was also able to get a grocery list together for food for the next two weeks, so hopefully I can knock some of that shopping out today before I do some running. That will leave the weekend pretty much free for family time.

So, going back to this whole "taking a day off from exercising" thing. I have a serious workout scheduling issue. Every week, I make a schedule of what I am going to do each day to work out. I have a goal of what I want to get done every week: 4 days of running, 3 days of the Shred, and 3 days of lifting. I also do other things on top of this, but these are my "must dos." I try to take 2 days off for recovery a week. Lately, this has not been happening and I am tired! I can't seem to fit everything into just 5 days. AND, when I do take a day off to relax, I feel like I'm being lazy and the guilt sets in. I feel like anytime I am just sitting on the couch watching tv I could be exercising. I have a lot of trouble letting myself relax.

For example, this is my schedule for next week (yes, I do them in advance...don't make fun):

Monday: 30 min. treadmill, 30 min. elliptical, weights
Tuesday: The Shred, weights, yoga class
Wednesday: 30 min. treadmill, 45 min. elliptical (WW meeting)
Thursday: off day (I have a cake due on Friday!)
Friday: 30 min. run, The Shred
Saturday: Zumba class, weights, The Shred
Sunday: 45 min. run

How the heck can I fit in another day off? And what would I cut out?? Should I be doing more in a day than I am?? Who the heck knows....

I know all of this stems from my wanting to lose weight...of course. It is coming off...but so slow...and I feel like I am doing so much! And then I'll have ONE bad meal and it screws up my whole then I start to feel like I can't make a mistake. At my meetings, some of the women start incorporating small amounts of exercise 30 minutes a day like three days a week and they lose weight. Um, what the heck is that about? I wish I could go for a walk around the neighborhood three times a week and lose weight. No, I have to bust my butt for hours at the gym, sweating my booty off, and I'll lose 0.2 lbs. This whole dieting thing/lifestyle change is rough!

Please forgive my rant! I do enjoy the exercise (for the most part) and I know I am getting stronger and building so much more endurance running than I ever thought I could. It is just completely frustrating some days!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

I will leave you with this gorgeous bag I found online today! Oh how I want you...

Sorry Lilly. Can't even afford you on sale.


Dollface said...

Omg.. I know what u mean.. I have one bad meal and I am like damn there goes my whole week!! But I swear its not true... happy weekend gorgeous! xxoo

Elyse said...

You'll get in the time! Oh, and I have to say...from looking at your pics in the past post, you look super skinny, lady! Don't lose too much weight; I think you look great! Have a great time with the in-laws. Oh, and cleaning the house burns tons of calories!!

Cristina said...

I agree with are look hot miss!

Danielle and Ryan said...

we are so on the same page with this working out, eating right, and wanting a break! last week I said I was going to take one day off from my P90X... and I took 4!!! And now I have extreme guilt and frustration with myself! And let's not talk about the eating part of things! I think what makes it even harder to eat good is that my husband isn't dieting and exercising... so I get to watch him eat stuff that I WANT! UGH! what a battle...

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

ok crazy girl, you should not feel lazy for taking a day off, i got tired just looking at your workout schedule! i think you're doing great!! glad you got so much done, i'm impressed with the sweeping AND mopping=)!! have a great weekend!

Krystyna Lizabeth. said...

my gosh. get some you time in there girl!
and i love that bag. if only.
we can dream lol

The Shabby Princess said...

I feel the same way!!! I have no advice, other than, for me, it got easier--I felt better and wasn't as tired all the time, but, it took a while. On your days off, just focus on all the good things you do--like choosing an apple instead of chocolate or something. I've gained weight lately, so, ugh, I'm workin' my booty off in the gym too!