Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plans Change


A relaxing Memorial Day weekend with my husband! Matt and I ALWAYS go back to Indy for holidays, especially those we get off work. We've been home every Memorial Day since we moved to Cleveland. I mean, I AM from Speedway...the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Why would I want to be anywhere else, right?

These are some pictures from last year's race. You HAVE to listen to the pit crews and drivers during the race. It is a must for me. Plus, I look really cool.

Me and my huns...


Our seats totally rock and you can see lots of pit action. They're also basically right in front of the start/finish line. in have to deal with a lot! We are fortunate to be able to walk to the track from my house, but those who drive are stuck in endless traffic, huge crowds, and drunks EVERYWHERE! The night before the race...let me tell's an experience.

But this year, we decided to stay in Cleve-burg. I can truly not remember a time when Matt and I both had a day off together to just enjoy each other and be together in our own home. I was looking forward to this weekend so much!


My in-laws are coming up for a visit. They'll be here Friday-Monday. I truly love my in-laws and LOVE having visitors but now my relaxing weekend has turned into a to do list:

CLEAN! (sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, scrub, and simply pick up the whole house...before Friday)
plan meals
grocery shop
figure out SOMETHING do to with them all weekend
entertain them (an image of a circus bear just came into my head!)
be on my most polite and best behavior (exhausting...)

And of course I have not started on any of this. Hopefully they don't come in early on Friday!

Hope everyone has a fabulous end to the week!


Dollface said...

Wow... Jared lovesss nascar!! soo fun... but maybe you all can go together to this.... and just breathe!!! xxxooo

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Ah girl, I'm sorry you won't be able to just relax this weekend:( I know what thats like, I love having visitors as well but sometimes when you've been needing just you/hubby time its not so exciting:p I hope it ends up well though and you are pleasently suprised:)

jlc said...

Oh no! I seriously got sad and bummed out FOR you when I read the line in-laws....


Sending love for STILL a good weekend no matter what you're way!!

Lindsey said...

Fun pictures!!! I hope your weekend goes well, even though it's not relaxing!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

ahhh i hope your weekend goes alright!! i'm sorry you don't get to just take it easy and relax! but those pics are so cute and fun=)!!

Kristen said...

appreciate in-laws who want to visit! I just posted a blog about mine, turns out they're coming into town this weekend too... however it will be a completely different visit than when you'll be having!

That Fresh Feeling said...

I was laughing at the circus bear image. have a greay weekend.

...Southern Bride... said...

Oh! I didn't realize you were from Indy. I'm slow, haha. I stayed in Indy for a few months while working as a counselor for a teen girl program. Anyway, I used to LOVE to go downtown. I had my first Mexican Hot Chocolate at the Chocolate Cafe...mmmm...

Okay, that was random, sorry. ;-)

You'll have an awesome weekend!