Monday, May 4, 2009

Spa Day!

So I got stuck had the pleasure of sharing a room with my mother. Boy...she is a snoring machine! Since she was at the casino until 12:30 am last night, I did get a little sleep in before she got home...but by 5:30 am I was out on the couch :) Hopefully tonight will be better.

I thought I'd show you a little of the condo we are staying in. Here's the room where I started my night (and obviously where I blog!):

And here's where I ended it:

Here's a look at the kitchen as well as the master bedroom:

We also have another bedroom with two double beds and a balcony. The whole place is super nice...and it's that's even better!

Today was spa day for my mother and me! We were picked up around 8 am in a black Lexus and taken to the spa. They gave us a little tour of the place and showed us what to do. We started out with this thing called a purifying bath ritual. In your swim wet down and then rub this exfoliating stuff on you (it pretty much looked like really dark sand) to remove the dead skin cells. After you wash that off, you're supposed to spend 10-15 minutes in the sauna. My mom and I made it about 2. I literally thought I was going to die. I couldn't breath even a little bit and I have now discovered my newest and scariest way to be killed. We rinsed again and then spent some time in the hot tub. You were supposed to keep switching from the hot tub to the cool dip pool...but it was freezing (hence the name "cool dip") so I skipped that part :)

Then we checked out the outdoor pool...but it was a little too cool for me. Mom enjoyed it though...and we saw some deer across the street. It was a really secluded area and simply beautiful. We hung out in relaxation lounge and waited for our nail peeps to come get us. Mom was crazy about her manicure and it looks really great. I got the pedicure...and I'm happy with it...but I don't think it was worth what I had to pay. I mean...they didn't even have massage chairs! What kind of spa doesn't have massage chairs?? Hm.

After that it was onto our massages. Now this is an activity I can get behind. I was simply in heaven. I think I could've stayed all day in there. This was my mom's very first massage and she really liked it. She told everyone all about it when we got I know she had a good time. She said she felt refreshed :)

Mom and I went to lunch and then came back to meet the rest of the crew at the condo. We decided some of us were going to go to the casino...and some of us were going to go to the water park. Well, since I had just spent a butt load at the spa...what do you think I picked?? The casino of course! I had to win some of my money back!

Well...after a LOT of losing...I'm now AHEAD $50! I'm totally hopefully I can keep it up. I think it's because I wore my luck casino outfit :)

Here's Mom and me after we got back from the casino. This is my lucky casino outfit...and it has yet to fail me. You better believe I'm going to wear it everyday I go for the rest of the trip. Don't judge...I changed when we got back.

Well, we're off to and beer. What a vacation!!


The Novelista Barista said...

aweee thats so great!!!!!! very cute place by the way :)

jlc said...

Ouuuu that all sounds WONDERFUL! (including the pizza and beer! Haha!)

Kristen said...

sounds like lots of fun! And an awesome room!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

ahh i'm so glad you're having a great time (besides the snoring and masssageless chairs, haha)! I hope you win lots!! keep having a great time!!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

AWE! I'm so glad you won some of your money back! No massage chairs though, thats rough...But at least you got a hell of a message later on! what better way to end a great day then pizza and beer, yum!

Ruggy13 said...

the place looks awesome! I'm glad you won your money back! That has to be the best feeling in the world!

M.J. said...

Sounds heavenly! It's nice to read about mother-daughter bonding. This is a much better way to celebrate Mother's Day than a impersonal greeting card and some flowers. :)

Dollface said...

This sounds SOOOO amazing!! I am super jealous... and Im a snorer, haha... xxooo

Lindsey said...


Emily said...

ahhh soo fun and sweet! love it!

Chelsea said...

I'm SO jealous of your spa day! Thanks for coming by my blog. Can't wait to read more.