Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rocky Top Tennessee

A few weeks ago Natalie and I took our first solo plane ride into Nashville to visit my aunt and uncle.  We had an absolute blast there.  We spent Monday-Wednesday with them in their gorgeous home and soaked up all of our one on one time with them that we could.  I cannot tell you how incredibly these two are.  Do you have those people in your life that you know God hand picked just for you?  Well these two are it for me.  I didn't come from a truly Godly home, but the best decision my parents ever made in terms of my faith was choosing these two as my godparents.  And I'm thrilled Natalie will have them as her examples as well.

before we left for the airport

view from our room onto the golf course

We took nightly walks with their dog Kali, ordered pizza, ate chocolate dipped strawberries, Skyped with my sweet, mama-to-be cousin in South Korea, and just relaxed.  Do you know what a weird feeling it is during nap time not to have something to clean or cook or someone to call?  It was amazing.

this is how Natalie sleeps...head right in the corner...every.single.night.

Thursday, Matt flew into Nashville and we made the drive into Gatlinburg.  His side of the family rented a cabin and we all stayed together.  It was...interesting.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it was lovely to see everyone and I am so glad Natalie got to spend time with her extended family.  But seriously, we did nothing.  All these people want to do is sit in a cabin all day and talk.  Call me crazy but if I'm going to drive my booty all the way to Gatlinburg, I'm going to at least go into the city and get myself some freaking fudge.  So after we put Natalie to bed on Saturday evening, Matt and I headed out by ourselves.  I got fudge, wine, and ended up having just the best night with my hubby.  And let me just add that after I have wine, I am much more open to just sitting around and talking.  Win, win people.  Win, win.

 every good road trip needs a stop at Shoney's right?

 someone is rapidly growing out of her clothes...

Our last day we did head out to the outlet mall and enjoyed a full day of shopping.  Somehow only Natalie and Matt ended up with anything.  Not sure how that happened.  Why do moms always get the shaft?  Hm.  We made the drive back to Nashville on Sunday (holy traffic Gatlinburg!) and flew back to Cleveland on Monday.  Although we had some serious travel issues (i.e. flight being delayed then cancelled...and 16 hours of traveling) we made it home in one piece.  My sweetie did develop her first cold when we were away and is still suffering from a runny nose.  And to top it off, we have tooth number 4 coming in.  When it rains it pours, huh?

Matt's sundae.  Perhaps we should've gone with the regular?

And coming I was almost killed by a raccoon.  And no I am not lying. 


Emily said...

That is a huge sundae! How could you eat that without making a mess? ha, I guess that it the fun part of it!

Lucy Marie said...

Okay - I did like reading about the trip but the last line got me. I NEED TO HEAR THIS STORY.

Michal Renee' said...

You had me at fudge and wine! LOL That would be a perfect night to me! Glad you and your hubby got that opportunity in the midst of all the chaos. I wouldn't have wanted to stay in that cabin the whole time either. Hope the little one gets over her cold soon. :( That's no fun at all. Hubby and I think we're fighting something right now so my prayers are with you!