Monday, September 12, 2011

Up, Up, & Away!

As you're reading this, Natalie and I are flying the friendly skies to Nashville, TN to visit my godparents.  I am so excited to spend some real, quality time with them.  Our visits are few and far between and I intend to remedy that situation immediately.  They are amazing, Godly people and I want Natalie to spend as much time with them as possible.  And their sweet daughter is newly pregnant so they need to get in some practice with the babies! 

Here they are at my wedding.  Don't you just want to squish them they're so cute!?!  Oh I cannot wait to get there!

Matt will be joining us on Thursday and then we'll be driving down to Gatlinburg for the remainder of the week for a family reunion with his side of the family.  I am less than thrilled about this trip...but the cabin looks amazing so I am trying to be optimistic.  Perhaps the view will make up for awkward silences and snide comments?  I'll let you know.  At least I have that great excuse now for when I don't want to do something..."I'm so sorry I can't go to dinner with you guys!  But it's Natalie's bedtime.  Maybe next time?"  Nursing saves me again!

Hope y'all have a fabulous week!


Becca said...

AWE, have fun! I will be flying to the Nashville area in early October to visit my family before this baby arrives and it's too late to fly:) You'll love Gatlinburg, if you haven't already been. If they get on your nerves, you can always scoop your sweet one up and go check out the strip...Thats always a lot of fun. The candied apples and homemade fudge certinally doesn't hurt either;) Good Luck!

Brittany Ann said...

Have fun! And sorry about the in-laws. I didn't know they were such a pain for you!

Michal Renee' said...

I'm so jealous! Nashville is pretty much my favorite city in the whole world! My parents stayed in a cabin earlier this year in Pigeon Forge and the views from their pictures were amazing so hopefully that'll help de-stress you with the in laws. :)

Stephanie said...

You're coming to my neck of the woods, I live in Nashville, great place! You will love Gatlinburg! Its beautiful there. One of my favorite getaway places. Have fun on your trip, and your plan to avoid the in-laws sounds like a perfect one to me! (I may have to remember to use that one in the future)

Happiness Is... said...

Have fun! And, visit my blog post from today when you get a chance!