Thursday, October 20, 2011

9 Months!

My sweet, growing girl.  Somehow you have been with us 9 whole months.  I can't believe you are that old, but at the same time it feels like you've always been here.  It's difficult for me to remember a time without your toothy grin.  It's like you were a part of me even before you were born.

Length:  29 1/2 in. (97%)
Weight:  20 lbs. 1 oz. (75%)
Head:  17 3/8 in. (50%)

You've had quite the busy month as always!  Most notably, you've started clapping!  It's pretty much my new favorite thing.  Although you don't do it on command or even when you see other people clap.  We're learning quickly you are a girl who does what she wants when she wants it.  Your Daddy says you get this from me.  Hm. 

You've got four big chompers now, two bottom and two top teeth.  You're sporting quite the gap between the top teeth but we've been assured this is in fact a good thing to give your big girl teeth room to come in.  Mama sure does hope so!  Only the last top tooth gave you any trouble and you were really just fussy the day it was coming in.  I'd say so far we've been very lucky in the teething department.

 We put your swing and your infant carrier away this month.  And when I say away I mean they're sitting in front of the basement door in a stand off between your Mommy and Daddy as to who is going to take them downstairs.  Unfortunately, Daddy always wins so I'll be taking them down this week.  But I just cannot believe you are going through baby equipment so quickly!

 You were quite the traveler this month as you spent time in Nashville with Mommy's godparents, Gatlinburg with Daddy's extended family, and Indy for a week.  You rock out in your pack 'n play and just make it so easy on us when it comes to trips.  

You are incredibly sweet and in my unbiased opinion, the happiest baby I have ever seen.  You are always smiling!  I cannot take you anywhere without someone commenting about how darling you are or how good you are acting.  And you know what?  You're that way at home too.  We have our moments, sure.  But you only really get upset when you're sleepy.  And seriously, who can blame you for that?

 We've been working a lot on standing this month and you are taking real steps when we hold your hands.  You can also take a few steps by yourself along the couch when you want to get to the remote!  You're not pulling up yet though and seem perfectly content to scoot on your belly in your weirdo army crawl forever.  You can get in a legit crawling position and rock back and forth, but then you just plop on your belly and scoot to what you want.  You'll get it someday goofball.
 You got your first cold this month, presumably on the flight to Nashville, and we had some rough nights.  You were very congested and woke up when you weren't able to breathe.  It took about two weeks for you to completely recover.  We went through Boogie Wipes like crazy in this house and your humidifier became your bestie for sure. 

Your new favorite toys are the CD's we have in a stand in the family room.  Whenever you're on the ground you go right for them.  You stop when I say, "Natalie!  No!  Those are not for babies!"  And then you smile at me.  And then you go right back to banging them together.  Like I said, you do what you want.

Your hair is growing like crazy!  I can't quite put it up though as you have a ton of hair on top and behind your ears...but none on the sides of your head.  Sometimes you twirl your hair behind your ears and pull on it because I think it's itching you!  I'll have to find some sort of clip that stays in your super fine hair.  I tried one day put you just took it out and ate it.  Per usual.

You've started holding your little arms up when I go to pick you up which I absolutely love.  It's like you're reaching for me.  And when you're excited you do what your Daddy and I like to call the "happy kicky dance" where you flail around in our arms and just smile.  You 'talk' quite a bit but are pretty quiet when you're around new people.  You've been letting other people hold you, though, very well and that makes me very happy. 

I finally got you to start eating three solid meals a day near the end of your 8th month.  You just were not into having lunch for some reason.  But now we're throwing in some finger foods and you're getting it.  The only food you can successfully feed yourself is Puffs, but we're working with fruits, cheeses, and chicken as well.  We've also added yogurt to your diet and some spices for your morning oatmeal. 

A big moment for us both this spent a whole day away from Mommy.  We were apart from about 8 until 4 and you did just perfect!  You napped and ate for your grandparents and probably didn't miss me one bit.  I, on the other hand, called twice to check on you and missed you like crazy!  But it was a big step and one I'm hoping to make more often.  It's good for both of us.

And now for some outtakes, because you know each photo session is getting harder and harder...

I spent practically the whole time saying one of two things:  "Natalie, look at Mommy!"  or  "Natalie!  Get your fingers out of our your mouth!"


Shannon Dew said...

awe look how cute! future cheerleader i think!

5th Belle Avenue said...

Look at those little leggings!! SO precious!

Kat said...

Happy 9 months! I can't believe how big she is! Our little Peanut is 9 months this weekend too but she is barely in the 10th percentile, making her look more like a 3 month old than a 9 month old. Your little is gorgeous! :)