Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

Bath time hasn't always been something Natalie was thrilled about.  In fact, when she was a newborn she hated it.  I mean, screamed bloody murder the entire bath, hated it.  I still remember her first bath where she didn't cry.  Matt was bathing her and I was cleaning up her room and I called out to him to make she was still alive.  I was that amazed she wasn't screaming.  

Eventually, Natty poo learned to enjoy bath time.  I think it will only get more fun for her as she grows up, but for now she splashes a little bit in her tub and is perfectly content to just sit there and get clean.  But one thing must be present for her to behave.

Her hammerhead shark.

I've given her a few bath toys over the last few months but this little guy has been beyond her favorite.  He's the only one she plays with when I put several in the tub.  We take him with us on trips and vacations.  I was originally just doing it to bring a little sense of home along with us to make her more comfortable.  I didn't realized until we returned from our last trip just how attached she was to this little guy.  

I hadn't fully unpacked yet when it came time to give her a bath so I tried to substitute a few new bath toys into the mix.  A toy is a toy right?  Wrong.  Girl threw a fit.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong at first.  And then it dawned on me...I bet she wants that silly shark!

Sure enough, I got it out of the suitcase and everything was right with the world. 

Aren't babies funny?  So silly the things they fall in love with.  I mean, her favorite toy is a wooden spoon.  Of course it is.

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Oh my - that is too funny!