Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall with a Daughter

Sorry for my crazy long blog hiatus friends!  I didn't really do it on purpose.  Sometimes life just gets in the way, huh?  

We've been out of town and busy, busy, busy so I have lots of updates for you!  First picking!

Matt and I go apple picking every year and I was so excited to share it this year with our daughter.  As an aside, want to know something weird?  It still feels unreal to me to say "daughter" and know she's mine.  I have a daughter.  When will that sentence not feel like a dream?  I mean, the girl is 9 months old!

We ended up venturing out on a weekend that was a little cold and wet...but we still had a great time and came away with a ton of apples.  Good thing they keep well!  I have them coming out of my ears!

Girl looks more and more like her daddy every single day.  

We let Natalie try some of an apple and she didn't seem too impressed.  Apparently since she has some in her oatmeal almost every day she could have cared less it was fresh from the tree.  Girl is our child for sure.


Lindsey said...

Awww fun pictures!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Natalie has got the cutest little smile! She is so precious!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I just said to Adam last night, "Is it weird that we have a kid? Like he's ours?" Haha....and Jamie is 14 months! One would have thought it would have sunk in by now!

Looks like some fun fall family time!

Kristen said...

she is so cute, and I love your hair! My kids are 3 & 7 and I still feel like it's crazy that I have two sons.... I'm not sure you'll ever get used to it! :)