Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Cake Dilemma

So Matt asked me this morning if I wanted a cake for my birthday. Perhaps it was a legitimate question since I have been crazy dieting and working out like a mad woman and maybe he thought I wouldn't want that kind of temptation in the house.

Well, he was wrong.

Of course I want cake! Now what kind of cake do I want??

My standard is white cake with buttercream icing. It is my absolute favorite flavor and I can't get enough of the sweet goodness that is icing.

But who can resist a little chocolate heaven??

When I was little, I used to prefer cheesecake. My dad had an awesome recipe and all I remember about it was it had brown sugar in the crust and mini chocolate chips all over it. I'm pretty sure it also had pecans for the border. He has since lost the recipe and it makes me very sad. I mean I have been dreaming about this particular cheesecake for like 15 years! I'm thinking, though, that this shouldn't be too hard to recreate! Project!

And finally, I have a slight obsession with cookie cake. Like when I go to the grocery, I specifically walk through the bakery just to look at them. Sometimes I even smell them just to get a small hint of that sweet, sweet aroma. Whoever came up with the idea of putting icing on a chocolate chip cookie is absolutely brilliant. I'm a little ashamed to say that I used to buy these cookie cakes for no reason at all and hide them under my bed...eating away at them (with no fork of course) any chance I got. I could knock one of those babies out in 2 days tops! Hm, hiding food...perhaps this is why I've had a weight problem since...um, I can remember??

And by the way, I always buy the cookie cake with the most icing on it. I don't care if it says Happy Birthday or has a huge logo of a team I don't even like on it. As long as the whole thing is covered, I'm good.

So now I have to choose what to get. I've pretty much narrowed it down to white cake or cookie cake. I have already told Matt cookie cake...but I keep waffling! My genius friend Erin said to get both...and since I celebrate my birthday all week...I'm thinking that would be the only logical thing to do, right?

So honey, if you see a great cookie cake with icing all over it...grab it! And if you happen to walk by the bakery case with a little baby white cake with buttercream icing...snatch that up too! I'm only going to turn 26 once, right?

Now I want cake.


Adorably Distracted... said...

haha this is so funny!!! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too!? Great decision!! Happy Birthday!!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

white on white is AMAZING! but a good cookie cake is irresistable!

d.a.r. said...

My birthday is in October and I always used to ask for pumpkin pie :)

Emily said...

I would get both.. one to celebrate with hubby and one to celebrate with friends! yummy! White cake is my fav.. you could always get chocolate filling!

Dollface said...

yum!!! this makes me totally want cake, xxxoo

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh man, now I want cake too! I love the traditional white cake with butter cream icing...so good! But you have also brought up an old fave - cookie cake!! I can almost taste one right now!

Get BOTH :)

M.J. said...

My favorite cake is angel food cake, with fresh sliced strawberries and whipcream. My mom makes me one each year for my birthday. Yum!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh both sound soo good! yes, i love the icing, oh it's so bad but sooo good! how about a white/white cake and a little cookie cake on the side, or just a big one of each, i mean it is your birthday, you're allowed to slurge a little=)!!! and if you have people over at all, it's nice to have choices=) definitely justified haha!

Lindsey said...

Oh how I adore cookie cake!

pocket full of pink said...

My hubby LOVES cookie cake. I'm also a huge vanilla cake lover (and more specifically, funfetti). I've never really liked chocolate cake. Can't wait to see what he gets you! Mmmm, now I want cake. Enjoy!!

Dugout Daisy said...

I just don't want cake now... I NEED it!!!
Oh man, so many important choices... you're right, you should just get them all!

Krystyna Lizabeth. said...

i love cookie cake.
or any kind of cake for that matter.

but i am glad your not skipping out on cake due to your diet.
you do only turn 26 once :)

Shoshanah said...

I would go with white cake. I love eating chocolate, but I prefer white cake

The Shabby Princess said...

Tee hee, do you want to know how many cakes I ended up with at my last birthday? 3. My bestie got me a cookie cake and brought it to me at work (because she's awesome). My husband did his duty and got me a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (what I always had when I was a kid) and the catering department at my work was doing their Thanksgiving food sale, so I picked myself up my favorite orange almond pound cake too. And they were all fabulous.

This could explain why I couldn't button my pants and I stared 2009 off dieting, but, you know...

Happy birthday--eat as much cake as you want! And I fully support a birthday week--heck, this year, I'm going for a birthday month!

lola said...

hahah omg, I went through the list and I was thinking "mm, that one" "oh wait.. THAT one" "no, no THAT one!" haha.

mmm. cookie cakes are the best.

b is for brown said...

this is really funny!

you are really talented! i love finding other bakers on here. cannot wait to see your next creation and share tips.

HIT told me about your oreo dish. the name slips my mind now.

OH....on LSU. i am glad! i took it as you did not like them bc they were winning. haha! ;) i got home right at the end so i did not have to sit through the whole thing. yes, i agree. that was a lot of baseball.

talk soon!