Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 Months!

Natalie June,

Little girl, you are 5 months old!  I swear this last month has gone a million times faster than the rest.  I wish time would slow down, but I am trying to enjoy every single second we have together when you're in this stage.

You are currently in size 3 diapers and Mommy had to put away your 3 month clothes because they are simply too short.  You are wearing some 6 months clothes but a lot of 9 month onesies fit you now.  Such a big girl!

Our days are filled with eating, snuggling, running errands, playing on the activity mats, lounging in your bouncer, reading, singing, and doing a lot of practicing with sitting and standing.  You especially love to stand and can do it all on your own when I prop you up on the couch.  And your sitting has improved tremendously.  You hold yourself up with straight arms and I know you are just so close to being able to sit on your own.  We've been listening to a lot of nursery tunes lately and you really seem to enjoy when Mommy sings to you.  I'm sure that will change.  You especially love Old MacDonald.

You're still sleeping like a champ.  You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and rarely get up before 6:30.  If you get up before 7, Mama feeds you and you will go back to sleep for a few more hours.  We are so lucky.  We're still using your sleep sack because it calms you to sleep, but you are getting your little arms out more frequently now and have started to be able to stay asleep that way.  Thanks goodness!

Let's see.  What else have you been up to?  Well, we had a little homecoming party for you when you were in Indy last month.  You got to meet a lot of your mommy's aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.  You were very well behaved and the party was definitely a hit!

We took a trip to Mommy's old work to show you off and you could not have been more well behaved.  Everyone just loved you and had so many compliments on your sweet smile.  You were there about an hour and were simply perfect.  It could not have gone better.

You did roll over from your back to your tummy for the first time this month.  Mommy was so excited that I think I scared you from ever doing it again.

We have successfully moved your feeding schedule to every 3 hours and you have done so well.  I'm not sure you could wait much longer at this point, so I think we'll wait until you start solid foods to mess with you anymore.  We're planning on trying the rice cereal this weekend!  You don't seem to need to eat for as long and are mostly only eating from one side these days.  Apparently you have become more efficient!

You're able to fit in your stroller now without your car seat!  We've taken one or two walks this way and I'm not sure you're entirely comfortable not being able to constantly see me.  But I know how much you love to be able to look out and see things, so I hope that facing forward is something that you will eventually love.

You started to giggle this month!  You've been talking, screaming, and making noises for a while, but you actually let out a real little laugh and it was just the cutest thing.  It's pretty much my mission in life to get you to laugh but you rarely do it.  Keys are to tickle your little neck or dangle your blanket or hat in your face.  Apparently, that is hilarious.

Speaking of making noises, little one, you are so loud!  When you're happy, you scream this happy scream that is just deafening!  It cracks me up and I honestly never noticed how loud you were until we were out in public and you did it.  Yikes, sweet girl!  People think you are mad but you are just smiling away.  Ha!  It is, however, especially embarrassing at restaurants.  Who knew people didn't want to listen to a screaming baby whilst dining out?  Hm.

You've been awful this month for your Daddy in the bedtime department when Mommy is not home.  You have refused a bottle and will constantly scream.  Two nights I have come home only to be told you had to be put to bed without eating because you simply would not stop screaming!  Little girl, this is not good.  Not good at all.  Please be sweet to your daddy.  He loves you so much.

You and your daddy did take a few trips out of the house alone together this month.  It was the first time Mommy was home by herself since you were born.  It was glorious and you were always such a doll for your daddy.  Please continue this trend so he will continue to take you out!

We're still hitting up the gym about four times a week.  For the most part you are really good, but the sweet ladies have had to come get me twice because you would not stop crying.  Either you're teething or you miss me.  We can't tell.  Your hands are constantly in your mouth and you are a drooling machine...but still no sign of teeth!

Oh sweetie, we just love you so much!  Sometimes I just stare at your little face and cannot believe God has given me this gift of being your mom.  It still catches me by surprise that I have a daughter.  I am a parent.  I just could not be more thankful for you each day.  You're the light of my life and my heart is just bursting with love for you.




Lucy Marie said...

I agree - each month just goes faster and faster. I swear, I just wrote eva's 6 month post and next week? I NEED TO WRITE THE 9 MONTH POST?!

Happy 5 months to your little angel. She's so precious.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Awww. Happy 5 months sweet girl!

Lora said...

beautiful girl! happy 5 months :-)

Tatiana said...

I can't believe how fast our girls are growing. It's crazy. I say it every month, but it's true!
She is such a beautiful little girl! Happy 5months cutie!