Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Monday with a Twist!

Welcome to another edition of Menu Monday!  Here what happened last week in the food department.

Monday:  Buttermilk Pecan Chicken

There's not much on in the TV department during the day for this SAHM, so when Natalie's eating you can usually find me watching the Food Network.  Except from 11-2 when I am watching reruns of 90210 and Days of our Lives, obviously.  This recipe came from the show 5 Ingredient Fix.  I'm not such a fan of the host, but the whole idea of five ingredients in a meal intrigues me.  Especially during the week.  I prepped this meal in the morning and fried it up when Matt got home and it was delicious.  I did have to cook the chicken for a few minutes longer than the recipe said...which I always find to be the case.

This recipe was a little hard to calculate at the beginning as it calls for ingredients to coat the chicken and oil to shallow fry it.  I actually calculated the points out of what the recipe called for and then reduced it by the amount that I actually used.  I ended up only using about 1/2 of the pecans and bread crumbs for coating as well as 1/2 the oil.
2 servings
17 points/serving

Tuesday: Barbecue Beef-Filled Biscuits

Another newbie from Kraft.  Super simple.  Super yummy.

4 servings (2 biscuits each)
10 points/serving
I will say that the serving size for this was a little small.  I could've definitely eaten 3 of these babies :)  Also, our peppers were fairly large so we just used one red pepper instead of two small ones.

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  Chili Topped Potatoes

This meal used to make a fairly regular appearance in our house but has since fallen off the radar.  I actually am not sure I have made it in this house!  I told Matt to pick a meal that he hadn't had in a while and loved...and this is what we ended up with.  It's always an easy, yummy, weeknight staple.

Our potatoes were just over 9 oz. a piece
1/3 cup of Mexican Cheese used on top of each potato
2 servings
13 points/serving

This evening was also treated to a dessert.  I was our 8 year anniversary of when we started dating so I thought I would make something special for Matt.  His favorite cookies are Oatmeal Scotchies so I ran with the butterscotch theme.  I made Oatmeal Cream Cheese Butterscotch Bars.  Can I just say that these are dangerously good?  I mean, seriously dangerous.  Why I torture myself when I am on a diet I will never know.  I cut these into practically bite size pieces (48 servings) leaving them 4 points/bar.  Make these if you dare.

Friday:  Pulled BBQ Chicken

I told you I would make this every week if Matt let me!  I thought it would be a good idea to schedule an easy meal today as Matt's parents are coming into town for the weekend.  I have no idea when they are arriving (par for the course...don't get me started) so this is a perfect crock pot meal that can be done at any time.  Thanks again, ILYMTC!

6 servings
11 points/serving
4 point honey hamburger buns makes this meal 19 points for two sandwiches

Saturday:  Fully Loaded Cheesy Potato Soup with Cheddar and Herb Biscuits

Both these recipes are courtesy of Gina and Pat Neely on the Food Network.  Again, not so much a fan on them but their food always looks and sounds so delicious.  And these did not disappoint.  Oh, the soup was probably the best potato soup I have ever had.  And we make several different recipes.  The biscuits weren't as fabulous as I expected them to be for the amount of butter I put on top but pretty good nonetheless.

The recipe said the soup served 4-6 so I took 1/4 of the soup.  It was WAY too much.  I would definitely stick to 6 servings.  I used chicken broth instead of stock as that was all I had.  I also went with 2% milk instead of whole.  Who really has whole milk in the house?
4 servings
11 points/serving

12 servings
4 points/serving (7 points for two)

Sunday:  Menu Fail

Matt's parents stayed home with Natalie so Matt and I could go out to dinner.  I will not mention the fact that Natalie woke up after we left and cried for her Mommy.  I will also not mention my breaking heart.


ty said...

I'm saving all of these. BTW.

Tatiana said...

oh my gosh, your food looks super delicious! You're really embracing this SAHM thing, aren't you :-)

Kristen said...

yummy! Thanks for the ideas!!!! (p.s. don't be surprised if one day you see these on my blog!)