Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekly Weight Watcher Update

Weight Loss = +0.5 lbs.
Total Loss = 26.5 lbs.

I had a really great week this week workout wise.  I went to spinning Monday and Wednesday and strength classes Tuesday and Thursday.  My in laws were in town and I had planned out meals accordingly and was sticking to everything.

Until Sunday.

Sunday involved going out to lunch for bacon cheeseburgers.  Then Matt's parents offered to stay home with Natalie so Matt and I could go out to dinner.  Enter paninis.  So explains my downfall this week.

I'm looking for a great week this week because we head to Florida on Sunday and I'd like to leave on a good note.  And come home on a good note as well.  But I'm not kidding myself so we'll see how it goes.  Traveling is always a food disaster for me.  Wish me luck!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Good luck!!

I've decided I'm going to do WW. I'm going to go all old school and attend meetings. I know online won't be enough for me, I need to know every week I will be getting on a scale, in front of someone else.

Once we get back from Columbus next week it's go time!

Jessi said...

I just recently started counting and tracking my calories so I'm glad I found your blog for some yummy looking recipes! Good luck on your trip!