Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bathroom Upgrade

In September we'll have been in our house for two years.  Two years and we've painted two rooms.  Hm.  Well, this one room a year thing was not cutting it for me so I stepped it up and did one myself.  

The downstairs guest bathroom.  You know the one that's big enough to fit a toilet, a sink, and well...that's it?

Okay, so it was the smallest room in the entire house.  But it still took me a solid weekend to finish since I picked a dark color and the second coat was a must.

I knew I wanted purple but Matt and I went back and forth about the shade for a while.  In fact, we had two swatches painted on the wall for months.  And then I went ahead and picked something different without painting a swatch.  Ha!

Since I was so rash with my decision, Matt said it was "my" project and didn't help.  But I'm proud of my little room and I adore the color.  I've even finished decorating!  One room done.  Oh, 15 or so more to go.  We're a work in progress people.

I had black and white canvases made of Indianapolis (where we are from), Chicago (my favorite city in the world), and Cleveland (where we live now).

I already had this 'R' I won in a giveaway a million moons ago and now I finally had a place to put it!  I purchased a white frame at a craft store and I was set!

And if you're not interested in seeing pictures of my bathroom, how about this face?


Emily said...

Love the bathroom color and the decor in there, also love the last picture. That little girl of yours is just growing up so fast!

Lindsey said...

Love the color and decor, you have great taste!!

Kristen said...

it looks great!