Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Hey y'all!  

Remember me? 

Not so much?  Let me remind you!

I have a really cute kid who is 19 months old.  Holy cow.  She's like a kid.  Not a baby.  A kid.

We've been keeping busy this summer with trips to the zoo, the pool, dinners out with friends, play dating it with other SAHM's, and generally living the life.  

Matt has been super busy at work...and when I say at work...I really mean in NYC.  He's been traveling like crazy and should have his own office in the city any day now.  Shout out to all the single parents out there because being on my own Wednesday-Saturday every week is no joke.  Even with a sweetie like mine. 

Natalie's not much of a fan either.

My cake "business" has been pretty busy lately and I'm excited to share some pictures of what I've done.  People are so creative with their designs and ideas these days.  It's been a fun couple of months!

Natalie's been learning so many things lately.  She knows every animal you can think of and can point them out in books.  She builds puzzles, brings me her shoes when I ask, and sweeps my kitchen.  Now, if the girl would just give me a consistent "mama" when I ask, I'd be a happy camper.  I've got a stubborn one on my hands, friends.  Girl only talks when she wants to and says only what she wants.  But the smile.  Kills me dead.

These are her 18 month pictures by the way.  It's hard to tell but she was a super fussy pants early on.  Obviously she perked up, huh?

Looking forward to catching back up with all my friends!  Hope everyone is doing well!!  XOXO


Sonya said...

She is a doll! Good to see you back!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Aww, glad y'all are doing well! What sweet pics! Love all the big smiles!