Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey y'all!  Shall we resort to bullets on a Tuesday?  Yes we shall.

  • My parents came for a visit this weekend!  Although they're leaving today *tear* we've had a grand time.  Natalie has been enjoying walks with Grandma where they stop to pick flowers together.  It's precious.  And according to my mom, Natalie can now say 'Grandpa.'  Not sure if it's true or not, seeing as the last time she was with just my mom, Natalie said 'cup' which she has yet to say since.  Time will tell!

  • Oh, and guess what happened last week?  My sweet girl was able to wear her hair in a single pony!

How is she possibly this big?  Sorry for the crappy photo.  Girl is always on the move and this is the least blurry one I could snap.

  • Also, I made a cake for a friend this weekend for a 1st birthday.  It was Paris themed!  Such a gorgeous idea.   

  • We had a beautiful weekend with Daddy until he left us again for the week in NY.  We're secretly hoping his case will settle so he'll be home with us soon.
  • I made these enchiladas over the weekend and they were fantastic!  Annie's website is definitely one of my go to blogs for yummy food.  It was a little involved seeing as you make your own enchilada sauce...but totally doable for a weekend meal.  

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Lucy Marie said...

So awesome to see you back here :) Keep the updates coming friend.