Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Caking Up a Storm!

I'm been so blessed to be overwhelmed with cake orders lately!  It makes me feel like I'm contributing a little bit to the family income instead of just, well, you know, spending it :)  

I did a Clifford the Big Red Dog birthday party in December.  I've done little Miss Kennedy's cake since she her very first birthday.  So amazing!

One of my besties in the city just recently got married so I made this cake for her bridal shower!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the shower, but I'm told it was a hit!  I wanted it to be classy more than slutty and I think my goal was successful.  I think :)

A woman who works with Matt was planning her dad's 70th birthday and asked me to do a cake for him.  She had no idea what she wanted.  She basically sent me an e-mail that said, "Um.  He likes scuba diving, traveling, church, bowling, skiing, golfing, and he worked at Energizer.  Go."  Frankly I was stumped.  I didn't want to just throw a bunch of random crap on a cake and call it a day.  Enter my genius husband who came up with shaping the cake like an actual battery.  Perfection!

The biggest cake I've done recently was my best friend's wedding cake.  Yeah.  Talk about pressure, people.  Although she was entirely nonchalant about the whole concept, I still wanted it to turn out exactly how she wanted.  I mean, a wedding day it nothing to mess around with, right?  It was a very rustic themed wedding so she wanted something with more of a homemade look.  Since we did, in fact, make her cake at home.  Here's what we came up with.

Lastly, I did a cake for a 1st birthday party!  I don't want to be all, "look at this fabulous freaking cake!" but seriously, I think it might be my favorite cake ever.  I want to make one for myself for my own birthday.  I just cannot get over how classically beautiful it came out.  I made a large cake, mini cake, and cupcakes for the event.


Sonya said...

Amazing! Those last ones are beautiful!

Lucy Marie said...

Damn girl .You are right. Those are some fabulous freaking cakes. Wanna come do Eva's second bday cake?