Friday, November 5, 2010

29 Weeks!

29 weeks and counting!  I can't believe my little girl is almost in her 30's!  Insane I tell you!  And she's getting so big....2 1/2 lbs.  She's been kicking up a storm too.  It's so amazing to me to feel her moving around in there.  Amazing.  And, you know, a little weird :)

I'm feeling pretty great too!  Matt is officially in charge of tying my shoes now, but other than that, I am a fully functional human being.  I'm sleeping well, I never get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, my hips rarely hurt, and my occasional back pain is minimal and wins me a massage. 

My parents are visiting today and bringing along my grandma so we're in for a fun filled weekend!  I whipped up some cinnamon rolls last night as well as Oreo cheesecake bars so if those are a success...expect recipes!  I'm all about cooking up a storm when we have guests.  What can I say...I'm a born entertainer!  So after my repeat glucose screening awaits!

Here we are at 29 weeks!  Have a great weekend friends!


Sonja said...

Looking good lady!!! :)

I was hoping we would be able to come up there this year but I'm not allowed to travel :(

We will have a baby date next year! haha

Lucy Marie said...

Have a great weekend with your family! I am glad to hear you are feeling so well - I hope it keeps up

Kristen said...

have fun with your family here! And good luck tomorrow!

The Shabby Princess said...

You know that your first order of business when I come to visit or when you come to visit me, is to teach me how to make cinnamon rolls, yes? Yes. Ok. Also, I went to HS with a girl named Cinnamon. Isn't that weird? I think so.

Don't you like how I just invited myself over?

I love you girl!! Little Baby looks all snug and darling in your cute lil bump!

April said...

Aww, congrats on 29 weeks ... I feel like 30 is a major milestone (as a NICU nurse...) And you look great!!

Good luck on that repeat glucose test ... I hear they're particularly nasty :(