Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Holidays at Home

Hey y'all! 

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  Matt and I worked on Monday and then headed back home to Indianapolis to spend the holiday with our families.  It was our official last road trip home as just the two of us.  I will not tell you that I had to make him pull over on the side of the road so I could throw up.  No.  I will not mention that.  I also will not mention the tantrum I threw upon finding out that the Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake from Chick-fil-a has 150 grams of carbs.  How many can I have for breakfast?  30.  Yep.  Freaking diabetes...

Since being home I have done some serious baking.  I've made pumpkin butterscotch cookies and pumpkin cream pie.  Seriously yum.  I'm making a sweet potato casserole tomorrow to take over to my mama's as well.  Thanksgiving is going to be just delicious tomorrow! 

I've also had the opportunity to see some really fabulous friends.  I had dinner with two of them last night at my favorite Mexican restaurant of all time.  You know what's great about beef and cheese dip?  No carbs people.  0 carbs.  L.O.V.E.

I also got out and saw this movie today:

It really was super cute.  And see it in 3D please.  It is a must.

There is also something else really fantastic to look forward to this week.  My shower!  My sister, mama, and MIL are hosting it for me on Saturday and I just cannot wait!

Well, better get going but I'm sending out the love to all of you this Thanksgiving!  Y'all have given me so much and I'm throwing it right back at ya :)


Kristen said...

sounds like so much fun! And how is these beef & Cheese 0 calorie? Sign me up! Enjoy your shower!

Llama said...

Hope your thanksgiving was amazing!
I have to see that movie!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

I'm sorry you had a bit of a rough drive! Hope the ride home was a little better. :)

The Shabby Princess said...

I soooooo want to see that movie! It looks so cute! And I love Zachary Levi.

Hope your Thanksgiving and baby shower was awesomesauce. I love you!