Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday:  Spicy Tangerine Beef with Brown Rice

I'm not sure I can still call this recipe by it's original name since I actually used an orange instead of a tangerine.  Can you believe the grocery store didn't have one?  I thought that was weird.  Anyways, this recipe was super delicious.  And really easy to make.  It says it serves 4-6 which I find to be a total lie.  I would say 3 at the most.  Matt and I each ate a fourth of it on Monday and we both commented that there could've been more meat with the amount of rice we made.  (But honestly, when could you ever NOT say, "I could use a little bit more meat."?)

WW Points:  9 points/servings
Servings:  4

I also made these Sea Salted Caramels to take over to our neighbors for watering our plants when we were out of town.  The recipe was incredibly easy...make some caramel, put it in a pan, let cool, melt some chocolate, pour it over the layer of caramel, good to go.  Um, no.  When I went to cut the caramels into pieces my chocolate layer completely separated from my caramel layer.  AND the caramel layer was impossible to cut.  It got so hard.  Like the only way I was going to be able to break it into pieces was to throw it on the ground.  Needless to say I did not end up taking these over to our neighbors.  I did, however, eat the chocolate layer myself and send the huge block of caramel with Matt to work.  Dessert = Fail.

Tuesday:  Leftovers

(I finished these up myself as Matt was gone so I ate two servings of beef with one serving of rice and it was perfect)


Matt got home late again and he was supposed to pick up some booze as an ingredient for the recipe I was going to I pushed it back until Thursday.  I ended up eating nachos.  And ice cream.  Yep.  Not so great of a WW day for Jenny.

Thursday:  Bubba's Creamy Spicy Seafood Pasta

1.  This recipe says it serves 4.  Um, no.  It serves at least 6.  Probably more like 8.
2.  There is so not enough seafood in this dish for the amount of pasta.  If I were to make this again, I would definitely scale down the pasta to at least 12 oz. instead of a pound.
3.  Despite the above issues, it was really tasty!  The sauce had a real kick to it.  I just wish it had more seafood.

WW Points:  14 points/servings
Servings: 6

Friday: Menu Planning Fail

We were invited to a last minute cook out so we brought over hamburgers, hot dogs, and ears of corn.  Not a bad WW day, but it's always hard to calculate points when you're at someone else's house.  I mean, who really has the balls to say, "Hey, before you put that hamburger on the grill, could you please weigh that?  And could you get lite buns?"  Not me.

Saturday:  Cook Out...Again!

This one was actually planned.  Our neighbors invited us over.  Turns our neighbor is BFF with a guy Matt went to law school with in Virginia.  Totally random, right?  So he was coming up for a visit and we stopped over to say hey. 

I provided the Oreo Truffles and S'more Cookie Bars.  As always, the truffles were the hit of the party.  For something so incredibly easy to make, these things really get attention.  I get kind of sick of making them for everything though and I'm always looking to try something new.  Enter cookie bars.  They were AWESOME.  I do think they needed more chocolate so I will definitely add another candy bar if I make then again.  Seriously yum! They were, however, 7 points/bar.  With 16 servings.  Not so fab...but doable for one day.  Unfortunately, there are still some in my house.

Sunday:  Leftovers

Sorry for the lack of recipes this week friends.  But we all have those crazy weeks where nothing seems to go as planned, right?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

The beef recipe sounds delish! I agree though, 1 lb of steak for 4-6 people? I don't think so!! We often find that we don't get as many servings and the recipe calls for...and I don't think we're eating THAT huge of portions.

Lora said...

yummy! i read over the seafood dish and it's inspired me to add some crushed red pepper flakes to my vodka pasta next time! and now i'm craving it...

definitely adding the orange/tangerine beef with rice to my list. i think anthony would LOVE it, and it would be a nice surprise for him :)